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Natasa Mezej

How will you benefit from our SEO and website design expertise

Modern, unique site

You will get a highly successful, responsive, and user-friendly website that will work for your goals.

Affordable prices

Our prices are among the lowest you can find. You can hire us via UpWork for $12.5 – $25  per hour.

Long-term benefit

You’ll benefit from the knowledge and expertise we’ll share with you. By using it, you will not make costly mistakes.

Competitive analysis

We’ll give you an unbiased analysis of your competitors, strengths, and weaknesses. That will be instrumental in future decision-making.

Google’s first page

When we do SEO and website design, your website will reach the first page in SERP in less than six months.

SEO website development tailor-made for you

SEO website development on free WordPress themes

For you, we will:

  • Analyze your competitors
  • Perform keywords research
  • Create responsive, UX design
  • SEO optimize content to rank high in SERP
  • Make business pages on Google My Business
  • Connect your website with social media
  • Build effective landing pages
  • Bring traffic to your website
  • Increase conversions

We’ll quickly comprehend your goals, problems, and obstacles.

While building or improving your website, we’ll incorporate our knowledge and your goals.

SEO in website development and much more

person giving 6 gifts

By hiring us, you’ll get the full six-pack of our services if you want. We’ll implement and share our knowledge and experience in the following:

  1. Sales
  2. Marketing
  3. Design
  4. SEO
  5. Customers behavior
  6. Consulting

Our previous work and success rate guarantee you’ll get top-notch service resulting in a beautiful, thriving website.

Opportunities are all around us.

One has to be persistent and avoid known mistakes. Our practical knowledge will help you reach your goals, solve problems and overcome obstacles.

A little more about us

Since 2003, we’ve gained experience in the following areas:

  • small business,
  • product launch,
  • design,
  • manufacturing,
  • sales,
  • export,
  • marketing,
  • process optimization,
  • consulting.

Our founder and CEO, Natasa Mezej, led us through all changes, obstacles, and struggles a small business faces.

Relentless professional, and expert on the neverending learning path, she’ll selflessly share her knowledge and two decades of experience with all clients.

Being an engineer, designer, SEO expert, digital marketer, and experienced salesperson, Natasa will help you on your journey. The Internet offers unlimited possibilities. With Natasa, you’ll find the optimal solution for your problems, strategies to maximize the power of the Internet, and the quickest ways to reach the top.

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To build over a thousand beautiful, SEO, high-ranking, impressive websites.


To provide world-class, high-value, affordable SEO and website design services, thus supporting entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Website designer and SEO consultant REVIEWS on Fiverr

“natasamezej did a great job. The homepage design she provided looks much better now. SEO analysis she did is extremely helpful. She found competitors in the niche and provided instructions to rank above them. Fantastic job she did.”

Fiverr, gamed_hader, Thailand

Website redesign and eCommerce SEO for the Mobile Phones web shop

“Great work. The landing page natasamezej built is one of the best I got. I’m delighted and thankful for the helpful suggestions she provided—all recommendations for her work and professionalism.”

Fiverr, Lunvens, Japan


Landing page design and SEO for the Google Ads campaign

“Very professional. Excellent service and communication. Highly recommend”

Fiverr, poliscience1, Ireland


Design, content writing, product descriptions, and SEO for the eCommerce business

“Great work. Natasa helped me a lot. We will work again. Best recommendation from me.”

Fiverr, MMSSj, Netherland


eCommerce SEO and consulting

“Immensely useful and detailed audit. Great seller to work with. Perfect seo report, fast service, easy communication. Highest recommendation.”

Fiverr, ethan_noah113, United Kingdom


The Homepage redesign and on-page SEO for the whole website

“High recommendations for natasamezej. Her work is very professional. True expert in SEO and web design, also in marketing and sales.”

Fiverr, carestu12, USA


Website design, SEO, digital marketing campaign


– going from a website that was quite flat and semi-functional, to a place that I think people will want to shop and spend time. Her technical skill is excellent – she is fast, responsive and very knowledgeable. Not only has she built an entire e-commerce site from nothing in a short time, she has also hooked it up to Google analytics so that I can track activity. When I have worked with other designers, and said that I wanted my website to be have SEO optimised, that have been quite vague and said yes it is. Natasa has taken the time to teach me how to build pages for each individual product that do have SEO, and I realise that previously this was not the case. Throughout this project, I have learnt so much from Natasa – her knowledge is so vast and wide ranging – from how to write great content – product descriptions, blogs, every type of content that features on the website, to using photographs on the website for the products, to loading products and maintaining the website. All this – and she is extremely easy to work with, lovely to communicate with, and she is very encouraging. She is also very passionate about the work she does and really drives herself to provide a top quality product and outcome for her customer. I am so, so happy that I got to work with her, and I hope to build a long-term relationship with her -through small pieces of work that will continue to grow my website and attract new audiences. I know that if you engage with and hire Natasa, you will also be very well rewarded, and will be amazed by her work ethic, and what she produces for you, and with you. Thank you so much Natasa. I really appreciate everything you have done for my website, my business and for me.

UpWork, H0listicHealth.com, New Zealand


eCommerce website design, content writing, product descriptions, and on-page SEO

Natasha is an expert in SEO. She is extremely transparent and creative. I would highly recommend her. She is passionate about her work and comes up with many good ideas. I would definitely continue to work with her.

UpWork, Trading APP, Netherlands


SEO audit, plan for improvements, redesign of the Homepage

Natasa is very talented at many areas of business and marketing, in addition to her technical skills at creating good organic SEO forward websites. As a start up with limited budgets, its very useful to get as much organic promotion as possible, and her knowledge in the SEO space is something I would recommend to all small businesses and start ups.

UpWork, Website for Physical Growth and Development, India


WordPress website redesign and SEO audit with recommendations

Natasa was great. From first contact all the way until very end, she was very helpfull in the process, explaining every step. Every time when we needed some changes or when we had ideas – she was prompt in responding to us, and make whole process go smoothly. We highly recommend her for your projects.

UpWork, Volleyball club Houston, Texas, USA


Website design with Elementor, on-page SEO

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