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Two reasons why content writing for SEO should be left to professionals

1) Google ranks websites based on the content quality and quantity

2) Website visitors judge the website by the value and design of the content you provide

We strongly suggest that you use professionals for content writing for SEO.

Two reasons why content matters for website success

The most common mistakes we often see on websites:

  1. Texts are not adjusted for internet search bots (SEO)
  2. Too many or not enough words
  3. Boring topics
  4. Obviously forceful and aggressive advertising
  5. No clear call-to-action buttons
  6. Content does not provoke emotion and action.

When a new visitor comes to a website, in just 2-5 seconds, they decide whether to stay or leave.


If the content is good, emotions will rise, and curiosity, interest, or desire to buy will form.

If text is poorly written, a visitor will leave the website, never returning.


Do you know that more than 85% of business deals start with exploring a potential partner’s website?

Or that more than 70% of all purchases begin by browsing the internet?


If your website doesn’t have great content, you can lose a lot more than you initially thought!

Poor content affects ranking and can lead to closing an online business

If you still decide to write posts for your website by yourself, at least don’t do anything until you clearly define:

  1. Why are you writing- what is the goal of the text?
  2. To which group (niche) are you talking (yang, old, poor, educated, etc.)?
  3. What do you want the reader to do at the end of the text?

In our article Writing for the Web, you’ll find a detailed guide to producing high-quality SEO content. There is a free, downloadable checklist you should follow when writing for the web or if you hire someone to do it for you (to check their work).

Your content is judged by people and machines

Why is website content important - content is judged by visitors and machines

The website is invisible if it is not on the first Google page!

Only 5% of all internet users go further than the first page.

Your website’s rank and position depend on SEO, and content is one of the essential parts of SEO.


Google and other browsers rank websites based on their algorithms. How they do that, you can see in this 10-minute video, “Google Ranking Factors: Which Ones are Most Important?“.

If your website is on the first page for some keywords, there is a high probability that your potential customers will come to it. They’ll click on the link offered by Google because Google “thinks” that the page might be useful for the visitor. 


The “thinking” is performed by bots-machines programmed to search for the term internet user typed in.

Now, a visitor is on your website. As we said, you have five seconds, at most, to “persuade” him to stay. 

Continue reading and learn how to do content writing for SEO by yourself.

9 golden rules for effective web content when writing for SEO

If you have boring and unoptimized texts, you will not only lose one potential customer. You are at risk of bad reviews which are visible to thousands and millions of people.


Follow these nine rules and you will have great content on your website.


There are two reasons why your content must be original.

First, Google will punish you severely for copying (even if you copy your own content).

If you want to check if anyone is copying you, use Copyscape Plagiarism Checker.

Secondly, visitors judge you by your content. They expect something new and exciting all the time.


Today people don’t read on the internet. They skim and scroll. The only thing that will motivate them to read is headlines.

Based on statistical data, even if you have great headlines, only 16-20% of your website visitors will actually read the texts below.


With exceptional texts, you can increase those numbers.

A good headline provokes, entices, and triggers interest to find out more.


The longer a visitor stays on a web page, the higher rank the page will have.


We don’t recommend you impose opinions or aggressively insist on accepting certain positions.


Good text will encourage, instigate or spark the thinking process. Then emotions will rise, and, hopefully, the reader will take some action at the end of the reading.


What do you want your visitor to do when they finish reading?


Under the text, put visible, clear Call-to-Action. Otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity to acquire a new customer, member, subscriber, etc.

Examples of call to action buttons you should use


Google’s mission is to help anyone to find the information they seek. They want to deliver the most relevant and reliable information available (taken from “How Google Search Works“).

Your content must follow the same premise if you want to rank high on Google. You know your customers and the questions they often ask.


Provide answers in advance as a gift. That will boost your overall ranking score.


Don’t speculate, gossip, adjust facts, or lie. Whenever you can, provide a link to the source and the proof of your statements. External links matter for SEO.


Content writing and website designing for small businesses and high ranking

Boring content, long sentences, and paragraphs, technical language is a recipe for losing visitors.

The higher the bouncing rate, the lower the SEO score.


The bouncing rate is the percentage of people who came and left your page in seconds.

If your website has a bouncing rate over 30%, you must act immediately.


If you don’t improve your content, your website will drop to a third, seventh, and hundredth page in search results.


Have you ever read the complete Privacy policy page?

Nobody does. We are not tuned to stay on the page without images. If there is a video, more than 70% of people will rather watch it than read the text.

Have that in mind and improve your content making it more familiar to visitors.


Here is an example of how you should NOT write on your website (don’t try to understand):


“In this book I have attempted an accurate but at the same time readable account of recent work on the subject of how gene controls operate, a large subject which is rapidly acquiring a central position in the biology of today and which will inevitably become even more prominent in the future, in the efforts of scientists of numerous different specialists to explain how a single organism can contain cells of many different kinds developed from a common origin.”


Taken from the – Avoid These Technical Writing Mistakes, PDF document.

9 golden rules for a great content writing for SEO 1

Before you start writing, imagine four different people in front of you. One should be a 10-year-old and the rest a mix of people. Each of them should represent one specific category of your customers (you know them, don’t you). Give them names to make it easier.


Write as if you were speaking to the audience in front of you.

  • Will they be interested?
  • Can they understand you?
  • What will they do at the end of your text?
  • Did you provide something new, different, or exciting?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO, rewrite your masterpiece.

Check our Ultimate Proven Recipe for Great Writing for the Web.


If you are running an eCommerce business, our article How to Write SEO Product Descriptions that Rank High on Google will significantly help you to achieve top ranking and excellent sales results.


Blog, FAQ, and News pages are highly beneficial for SEO.

Fresh content, regularly updated, will boost your website’s position faster than anything else.

Yes, it requires discipline, but it is worth the time spent.


If you are better in your regular job (leading and expanding the business), then leave content writing for SEO to professionals.

Consider hiring someone to add content to your website.



9 golden rules for a great content writing for SEO

If you are not absolutely sure that your writing is flawless, don’t write without professional editing.

There are tools to help you check your grammar and spelling. Use them.

We recommend Grammarly, there are free and paid options. We use paid option.

If you don't pay a dollar now, you'll pay hundreds in the future

Ko ne plati na mostu platice na cupriji ako nemate dobre tekstove

If you save money at the expense of the quality of your content, for each dollar you hold today, you’ll lose hundreds or even thousands in the future.

That is a given fact, proven (unfortunately) in practice.

If you are not sure you can write content for SEO following mentioned rules, we suggest you hire professionals.

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SEO content writing services

We provide an SEO content writing service. There are several plans you can choose. We can:

  • analyze your content – both the quality, originality and SEO
  • perform keyword analysis and provide a keyword list for the topic, page, or post
  • write page titles, headings, and meta descriptions for each page, product, or post
  • write the whole article on the subject of your choice.

For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

To see how we write, please check our blog article “Increase traffic to your website