$ 25 / hour

Online help with Minitab software only 9 usd per hour

We’ll help you with Minitab Statistical Software, no matter your previous knowledge.


We’ll make it easy to learn Minitab and apply it, whether you have

  • Written paper,
  • One or multiple problems to solve,
  • A business presentation to prepare, or
  • Need to learn Minitab possibilities and functions.

Why Choose Us to Help With Minitab



Our help with Minitab is customized for you.

We’ll quickly establish your statistical knowledge, how familiar with Excel you are, and what problem you need to solve.

Based on that, we’ll help you to solve and present the task ahead.


low price

If you hire us via UpWork, our hourly price is only $25. You are fully protected by UpWork’s system and the contract we’ll sign.

Based on your needs and the budget, we can work for as long as necessary.



We work via Zoom. We will send you a link for the meeting and start recording. You send us data, describe the problem, and tell us what you need. We schedule the first meeting (class), start teaching, and guide you with an easy-understandable explanation.

Minitab for students

Learn Minitab quickly and easily

Stop struggling with your paper

Prepare for the exam

Understand the basics of Statistics

Put your data into beautiful reports and graphs

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Minitab for buisnesses

Prepare presentation

Design experiment

Convince colleagues

Compare employees, products, partners, equipment

Plan easily

Use historical data


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We adjust our classes based on the level of your knowledge. Basic statistics is necessary for the use of the Minitab. We make it easy for you to understand and implement in your exercises, presentations, decisions.

We prepared exercises with explanations for you. Unfortunately, we didn’t translate them to English, but you’ll understand if you use Google Translate. Parts solved in Minitab are in English.

If you have an exercise that is not on the list, please, contact us. We’ll solve it and put it here for you.


How does your decision-making process work? Do you use data, projections, measurements, and historical data?

Gut feelings and instincts are important, but it has been proven that decisions based on data have a much lower risk of failure.

Help with Minitab in decision making process

How does Minitab help you make a decision, save money, and increase profit?

Using Minitab, you’ll be able to:

  • Analyze data (Descriptive statistics, Graphs, Pareto, Chi-Square, etc.)
  • Know how small your sample should be for pre-determined probabilities (Power and Sample size)
  • Compare two or multiple groups (ANOVA, Regression, DOE, Kruskal-Wallis, etc.)
  • Estimate future system behavior (Regression, DOE, Capability Studies)
  • Design experiments
  • Determine optimal conditions for the desired outcome
  • Find out if your process is stable and capable
  • Detect abnormalities, unexpected data, illogical assumptions
  • With one click, export all data into a Word document or PowerPoint.

Before purchasing Minitab, you can test it for 30 days for free. Here is the link to download Minitab.


Help with Minitab online classes

Minitab is your tool to make decisions, present data, decrease expenses, boost your profit, hire great employees, avoid wrong purchases, find a cause in the see of data, and much more.


We help you prepare your data, choose the best tool to solve the problem, understand Minitab’s results, draw conclusions, and avoid mistakes.


You dictate the pace, the number of hours you need us, and the terms of our online meetings.

One hour is $25. 

Before you hire us, you can meet and get to know each other. Then…