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eCommerce website packages

We make unique and successful online stores with products that rank high on Google

eCommerce website packages with fixed prices

The best affordable eCommerce website packages

✓  Custom design on WordPress

✓  100% satisfaction rate

✓  Extra fast delivery

✓  High conversions

✓  Fixed prices

✓  Top rank

✓  SEO

Starting at $240

Prices of eCommerce website development packages

*How much eCommerce website packages cost?*

Our eCommerce website design and development packages are highly affordable.

US$ 240

3 products+ 3 pages

3 products+ 3 pages+ content upload + writing and product descriptions advice

7 Days Delivery
1 Revision

What’s Included:

✔  Functional website

✔  3 pages

✔  3 products

✔  Design customization

✔  Responsive design

✔  Content upload

✔  Setup payment gateway

✔  10 plugins  / extensions

US$ 380

5 products+ 5 pages 

5 products+ 5 pages+ content upload+ SEO advice+ DIY video for SEO and adding content

10 Days Delivery

1 Revision

What’s Included:

✔  Functional website

✔  5 pages

✔  5 products

✔  Design customization

✔  Responsive design

✔  Content upload

✔  Setup payment gateway

✔  10 plugins / extensions

✔ DIY video for adding content

US$ 720

10 products+ 10 pages + multivendor


10 products+ 10 pages+ content upload+  SEO advice+ DIY video+ Multivendor setup


14 Days Delivery

1 Revision


What’s Included

✔  Functional website

✔  10 pages

✔  10 products

✔  Design customization

✔  Responsive design

✔  Content upload

✔  Setup payment gateway

✔  Unlimited plugins / extensions

✔  DIY video for adding content

✔ Free multivendor web marketplace

eCommerce website packages custom designed for you


eCommerce website packages for unique online stores

Let your imagination thrive. Adjust desired design to fit your customers’ expectations perfectly. Together, we’ll build an exceptional online store.


eCommerce website packages for top ranked web shops

All your products can reach the first page in SERP after we perform on-page SEO, help you write enticing product descriptions, and improve and Photoshop images.


eCommerce website packages with high conversion rate

It is not enough to position an eCommerce website at the top and bring traffic to it. We’ll design and build an online store that converts visitors to paying customers.


eCommerce website packages for the best investment

You’ll make one of the best investments by purchasing one of our eCommerce website packages. After several months the ROI will skyrocket.


eCommerce website packages affordable prices

Starting at $240, with the Premium package at $720, this will be one of the best investments ever. Our eCommerce website packages are among the most affordable in the world.

What's included in eCommerce development packages

*What will you get in our packages?*

Our eCommerce website development packages will help you start a successful online business. The goal is to provide a starting advantage in the fierce internet shopping market.

Knowing that over 85% of all shopping starts on the internet, your online store should uniquely present your products and convert a high percentage of visitors into paying customers.


No matter which eCommerce development package you choose, you will get the following:

  1. Custom-made, unique, modern, and responsive eCommerce website on WordPress with a WooCommerce online store
  2. SEO-optimized pages and products for high ranking
  3. Shipping and payment setup
  4. Advice on how to write SEO product descriptions with high conversions
  5. Photoshopped images
  6. Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration
  7. DIY video to easily add new products and perform keyword analysis and SEO
  8. Sales and marketing recommendation
  9. Post-project support
  10. If you purchase the Premium eCommerce website package, you’ll get a free multivendor web marketplace installation (using WCFM or Dokan plugins)

The best eCommerce web design package for you

*How to choose the eCommerce web design package best suited for you?*

eCommerce packages fixed prices custom design

BASIC eCommerce web design package

The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package

If your main criterium is price, you will probably choose the cheapest package. That might be a good starting point, especially if you are uncertain about the demand in the niche you’ll compete in.


Three static pages you’ll get are:

  1. Homepage
  2. Store
  3. Contact page (with the About section added)

After we set up your online store, we’ll upload three products with images and descriptions. You can use your new eCommerce website for paid advertisement or wait to rank in organic searches.

If you make unique, 600+ words product descriptions, there are some chances to reach the first page in SERP in 3-16 months.

STANDARD eCommerce web design package

The most affordable eCommerce website package Standard price $380

The Standard eCommerce design package is the best for startups and beginners in online sales who have different product categories with many products.


You’ll get five static pages:

  1. Homepage
  2. About
  3. Contact
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Shop page

We’ll create up to five product categories and upload one product per category. With the DIY video for adding content, you’ll be able to add products yourself.


Whichever additional functionality you prefer to have on your eCommerce website, we’ll add plugins for them.


After we set up shipping and payment based on your preferences, you can start selling through your newly designed and built, unique, responsive, modern online store.

PREMIUM eCommerce web design package

The most affordable eCommerce website package Premium price $720

The Premium eCommerce design package is best suited for online sellers who

  • want to cover multiple niches
  • have 50+ products
  • allow other sellers to sell on their website

We’ll create 20 pages for you. You may combine static pages and products. For example, you can choose to have the following:

  • 5 pages+15 products
  • 10 pages+10 products
  • any combination of pages and products up to 20 web pages

We can recommend the best option when you present your goal and business model.

Important red writing like a stamp


If NONE of the three eCommerce web design packages fits your needs, ask for a CUSTOM OFFER that will include as many products and pages as you need.


Please, drop us an email or contact us via Fiverr for a free consultation, and we’ll help you choose the optimal eCommerce design package.

Guarantees that you'll get what you paid for

*What guarantees do you have for your money and the final result?*

Our three affordable custom-made eCommerce website design packages are sold via Fiverr – one of the world’s two most popular freelance platforms.


The benefits for you if you use Fiverr to buy one of our eCommerce website packages are:

  • Your money is fully protected. It will be put in the escrow Fiverr account until we deliver what we promised. We will not receive your money until you approve our work;
  • You can check all reviews our previous clients left;
  • You’ll see our previous work, rating, tests we’ve passed, track record, response times, and other metrics important for you to hire a freelancer;
  • You can pay using your credit card or PayPal;
  • The registration process for buyers (you) is straightforward and quick;
  • The Fiverr fees are among the lowest – you’ll pay $13 for the Basic package, $15 for the Standard, and $40 for the Premium eCommerce package;
  • The quality of our work is guaranteed by a highly-rated freelance platform (Rated “Great” on TrustPilot, with over 8000 reviews) used by over 4.1 million buyers in 2021.
Fiverr reviews on TrustPilot - over 8000 reviews, overall score 3,9 - great verified company

Step-by-step guide on how to create a buyer profile on Fiverr

If you don’t have a profile on Fiverr and you’ve never hired a freelancer, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Join” in the upper right corner
  3. Enter your email and click Continue
  4. Choose a username (for usernames, you can put “firstlastname” or anything you like – you can’t change it later)
  5. Enter password
  6. Click Join and purchase one of our gigs.

How successful are the eCommerce websites we create

*Will my eCommerce website sell?*

Based on worldwide statistics, only 20% of online stores are highly profitable. There are nine factors essential for the eCommerce website’s success:

  1. Trust
  2. Design
  3. Ease of navigation
  4. SEO
  5. Quality of product descriptions
  6. Quality of static pages
  7. Check out process
  8. Images
  9. Shipping and payment setup

To find out more, please keep reading. If you want to discover how we will contribute to your success, click here and jump to the next screen.

Affordable eCoemmerce SEO and Responsive SEO web design for eCommerce

9 factors for a highly successful eCommerce website

1.) TrustOnline sale is based on trust. Without the ability to touch, smell, or try products, customers will not buy unless your website doesn’t convince them they should do it. There are several steps crucial for gaining the trust of new visitors:

  • Detailed product descriptions written in the language of your customers
  • Transparent reviews and testimonials – people trust other people
  • Easy process for complaints
  • The return policy
  • Professional images from different angles
  • Videos, manuals and instructions

2.) Design – since over 60% of all online sales were on mobile devices, the design of an eCommerce website must be responsive and scrollable. Furthermore, the website should be more beautiful on mobile screens than desktops. Do we even need to emphasize that the design must be modern, unique, and focused on sales (without distractions, popups, and unnecessary details that distract from the ultimate goal)?

3.) Navigation – The golden rule is that no page or product should be more than three clicks away from the Homepage. We’ll create product categories and subcategories based on that rule.

4.) SEO – Optimization helps search engines to recognize and understand the content. Without SEO, browsers will not consider your website for ranking. We’ll advise you in the process of on-page SEO.

5.) Quality of product descriptions – When writing professional product descriptions, one must be as detailed as possible. The goal is to help website visitors feel as if they were in a physical store. Do not copy/paste (either from your content or other websites) – Google severely punishes plagiarism.

6.) Quality of static pages – Homepage, About and other pages must entice visitors to explore your website. People will stay on your site if they quickly find answers to their questions, solutions for problems, or desired products. Design and content should provoke emotions (positive) and action.

7.) Checkout process – The checkout shouldn’t have more than three steps. Statistics show visitors leave a website during checkout if it is too complicated. Never ask for unnecessary information, condition purchase with registration, or introduce useless steps.

8.) Images – Present your products with multiple images. Use professional photographers. Show how people use and benefit from your product (don’t forget: people trust other people).

If you are in the beauty and health niche, images before/after are the most powerful selling tool. High-quality photos and videos will be a wise decision and a good investment.

9.) Shipping and payment – The more options you provide, the higher the conversion rate will be. IMPORTANT: present all costs in advance. The second reason visitors leave during the checkout is hidden costs. Be transparent.

Wizard for a successful website and eCommerce business
How will we contribute to your online store’s success?

The eCommerce website we’ll design and develop for you will be tailor-made for your products and customers. It will be

  • responsive,
  • beautiful on mobile screens,
  • easy to navigate,
  • fast.

We’ll share our experience in online sales, gained during 10 years of selling online on our eCommerce websites.

Based on our experience, if a client doesn’t achieve desired results selling online, there are only two possibilities:

  1. The website doesn’t appear on the first Google page
  2. Content doesn’t convert visitors to paying customers

If you follow our guidance in writing for the web, SEO for eCommerce, and writing SEO product descriptions, your eCommerce store WILL rank high in SERP and have a high conversion rate.

Numerous clients’ reviews prove our expertise and success.


When you purchase our Standard or Premium eCommerce website package, we’ll make DIY videos to help you write highly-converting content and perform keyword research and SEO. If you don’t have time (or don’t want) to learn, you’ll be able to manage and supervise people who will do that for you.

Please, check our services and prices for content writing and SEO.


You can purchase one of our SEO improvement packages on Fiverr.

The process after you purchase one of the eCommerce website packages

*What happens when you purchase one of the eCommerce website development packages?*

After purchasing one of our eCommerce web packages, the process has 13+1 steps, and it is effortless and straightforward.

From the moment you order, until you have a beautiful, unique, responsive, and ready online store, there are 14 steps:

  1. Give the URL of your new domain and cPanel
  2. We install WordPress
  3. Send us a logo, colors, and fonts you prefer.
  4. If you have a preferred website as the model, or theme you find beautiful, send us links.
  5. Provide content for static pages and product descriptions.
  6. Send images and other media you want uploaded to pages and products.
  7. Instruct us on how to set up shipment and payments.
  8. We’ll install plugins for the functionalities you want.
  9. We’ll build a website per your specifications.
  10. If we have questions or suggestions, we’ll let you know.
  11. Based on the package -you purchased in 7-14 days, we’ll send you a finished eCommerce website for revision.
  12. After we apply desired changes, we’ll deliver the gig.
  13. You pay Fiverr and leave a review for our work.
  14. If you need our services or consultation, you can contact us anytime. 

Ask for a quote for a custom eCommerce package

If none of the offered eCommerce website design packages covers your needs, please ask for a quote.

You’ll find a form to fill out. In less than 5 minutes, without typing, you can tell us more about your wishes and expectations. We’ll email you a custom eCommerce website design and development offer in less than 24 hours.

eCommerce website packages FAQ

Website packages are pre-defined sets of services you will get for a fixed price. A good website package includes design, development, additional functionalities and services, and clearly specified deliverables.

  • If you’ve purchased hosting and a domain, we’ll need access to a cPanel or your hosting provider’s Dashboard. If you are unsure how to purchase a domain and hosting, we’ll recommend a hosting provider and send you a step-by-step guide.
  • Content for the upload (texts, images, videos, etc.)
  • Directions for the design: colors and fonts you prefer, websites or themes you like,
  • sketches, drawings, etc. Anything that will help us understand your ideas and goals.
  • Written explanations 

Nothing, except the access to your website’s URL is not mandatory. Many clients send us a logo, images and texts, one or two websites they like, and that’s it.

When calculating the price, three factors are the most important:

  • The number of web pages (including posts and products)
  • Whether a client has content or the freelancer should provide texts and images
  • Are additional services required, such as processing images, SEO, maintenance, connections with other platforms, etc.)

Depending on mentioned factors, freelancers and agencies form the price. It goes from $80 for a landing page or one-page website up to 5, 10 thousand dollars.

Our price for website packages is straightforward:

  • $40 / page if the client provides content;
  • $80 / page if we write texts and process images.

SEO, we charge per hour – $25 / hour.

eCommerce website packages offered on this page have a discount for the Standard and Premium packages.

  • Based on our experience, if you are a new online seller, we recommend the Standard eCommerce package.
  • If you want to experiment to see if you can sell online, then the Basic package is optimal for you.
  • If you already have products you sell through other channels and want to expand your market reach, the Premium package is the best for an eCommerce website.
  • We charge SEO per hour: $25/hour. Depending on:
    number of products you have
  • number of static pages
  • amount of content
  • the severity of competition in your niche

it will take from 5 hours up to 100 hours to perform full on-page SEO optimization.

Maintenance of an eCommerce website includes weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly checks that everything works fine, plugins are updated, and there are no broken links (internal and external).
Without regular maintenance, the website

  • will be slower over time,
  • might completely break,
  • is vulnerable to hackers and spammers,
  • the design might scramble,
  • forms might stop working, etc.

Yes! We know that since 2022. over 60% of all online shopping was on mobiles. Thus, we put additional effort into designing the website to be even more beautiful for mobile screens.
We pay special attention to navigation and ease of scrolling, knowing how important they are to online shoppers.

Our price for eCommerce website maintenance is $25/hour. We conduct regular checks. Each check takes 15-30 minutes. If something is wrong, it might take longer to correct it.

The final fee will be between $250-$600 per year, or $20-$50 per month.

Delivery times per eCommerce package are:

  • Basic: 7 days
  • Standard: 10 days
  • Premium: 14 days

There are options for an extra fast delivery:

  • Basic: for additional $50 delivery will be in 5 days
  • Standard: extra $70 and the delivery in 7 days
  • Premium: +$100 and delivery in 10 days

Each package covers one revision. We’ll listen carefully to your complaints and wishes and will adjust the design according to them. If you are still unsatisfied, we’ll refund up to 60% of the fee you paid to us (the total amount you’ve been charged minus the Fiverr fee and the 20% fee Fiverr charged us).

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