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Blog posts about SEO and web design

Blog posts about SEO and web design for higher Google ranking

Blog posts about website design and SEO to avoid costly mistakes others make

While working with numerous clients on three continents, we’ve discovered that the cause for unsuccessful websites is the website owner.


They hire a freelancer or an agency to build a website.

Website owners believe they are competent to lead professional designers and programmers, telling them how to do their job.


They are focused on design, spending time and energy on colors, images, and fonts. They are building a house starting from the roof.

After several months, they hire us when they realize the website has no traffic.


Our posts should help you avoid costly mistakes and get a successful website on the first try.

Here is an excellent 28-minute video that will help you understand “How to have a website that works for your goals.”

Please, watch it and find out how to save a lot of money by avoiding common mistakes the majority of website owners make.

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