When is it time to invest in a website redesign -5 best tips

Over 85% of all purchases and new partnerships start with internet browsing. If your website is not modern, engaging, and SEO, it will hurt your business more than you realize. When is it time to invest in the website redesign? After reading our 5-minute article, you will know the answer to the question.

When is it time to invest in a website redesign

When is it time to invest in a website redesign - best tips

What is a website redesign?

A website redesign revamps an existing website to give it a new look and feel to improve user experience, attract more traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately achieve the website’s goal.

What is website redesign and when it is time to perform it

There are eight major activities included in website redesign:

  1. Making improvements to the overall layout and design of the website by following current trends and market niche practices.
  2. Updating content to ensure it is relevant, well-written, and engaging.
  3. Adjusting branding elements to align them with customer needs and expectations.
  4. Integrating third-party applications and new functionalities currently available.
  5. Enhancing user experience by optimizing for mobile devices and browsers.
  6. Optimizing images and videos for faster loading time on webpages.
  7. Removing distractions and obsolete elements such as pop-ups (proven to be irritating and bad for speed), animations, sliders, etc.
  8. Improving SEO practices to gain higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Consequences of the outdated website design

If your website is not modern and beautifully designed, there are unavoidable and severe consequences for you, your business, and your goals.

Consequences of the outdated website design

Here are some facts confirmed in practice you should be aware of:

  • In under 3 seconds, people judge the credibility of a website, deciding whether to stay or leave. Remember, you can make the first impression only once!
  • The obsolete website design reflects poorly on your brand.
  • Without an aesthetically pleasing interface, easy navigation, modern images, and unique content, potential customers won’t be confident to explore, even less to convert into new, loyal customers.
  • The more visitors leave your website quickly, without exploring it, the lower your ranking will be. Your website will plunge into internet limbo.
  • 95% of all internet traffic happens on the first page of the search results. Your business will become invisible when your website loses top ranking.
  • Outdated design can put users at risk. Hackers will gain access to confidential information if your website doesn’t have the latest security protocols.

Are you convinced it is time to consider whether this is the right moment to invest in the website redesign?

7 questions each website owner should answer

Do you want a successful website that works for your business and helps you achieve goals?

To have a successful website you must satisfy both robots and people

If your answer is “Yes,” then ask yourself these seven questions once a year:

  1. Is your current website more than three years old?
  2. Are visitor numbers decreasing?
  3. Are bouncing rates rising?
  4. Are competitors’ websites more alluring?
  5. Does my website look more beautiful on desktops than on mobiles?
  6. Is it difficult for me to add new content?
  7. Is my website just a digital ID instead of a strong strategic “partner”?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is “YES”, please, check these 5 tips to determine the right time to invest in a website redesign.

5 ultimate tips to determine if it is time for a redesign of your website

The world of the internet is changing rapidly. You’ll be forgotten, overlooked, and unsuccessful if you don’t follow changes. There are five ultimate tips to help you decide if the time to invest in your website redesign is now.

You don’t have to hire anyone to evaluate your website design objectively and decide if it is time to redesign your website. Just consider it from five angles:

  1. Goals and wishes
  2. Google Analytics metrics
  3. Competitors
  4. Design on mobiles
  5. New content

Tip no 1: Your goals and wishes

Twice a year remind yourself about your goals when you build your website. Compare the current state with it. If unsatisfied, it might be time for the website redesign.

Should you invest in a website redesign

Why did you pay someone to build your website? You spent time, money, and energy on that. We are sure you had a goal then. What about now? Does your website reflect your wishes? Does it work for your goals?


An effective website should be able to adjust and adapt as the goals of the business change. This can be achieved by combining design, content, and optimization techniques.

  • Content should be regularly updated to reflect changes in the business.
  • Design elements should be carefully chosen to give visitors an idea of what they can expect from your product or service.
  • Optimization techniques such as search engine indexing and responsive design will ensure that visitors can find your site no matter their device.

Design evolves monthly. After 2-3 years, your website design becomes obsolete. The number of visitors declines, and conversion rates decrease.

Ultimately, a website that evolves with the business will help attract more customers and drive successful outcomes, leading to goal achievement.

Tip no 2: Follow Google Analytics metrics

Once a month, spend 5 minutes and check several crucial Google Analytics metrics. Let the data speak.

Which tool helps you measure website success metrics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help evaluate website design, usability, and performance. It provides insights into how users interact with the website and which features are popular. It also tracks page views, time spent on each page, and other metrics. 


GA data can be used to identify areas of improvement in design or user experience.

Six Google Analytics metrics can help determine whether a website design is outdated.

  1. Page views,
  2. Engagement time per page,
  3. Bounce rates,
  4. Click-through rates on calls-to-action and forms,
  5. Conversions,
  6. Number of mobile visitors.

If the listed metrics steadily decline, it is time to redesign your website. (Along with the redesign, SEO optimization should be performed, also).

Tip no 3: Monitor 3-5 competitors' websites

Quarterly, check the websites of your competitors. If you have time, take several screenshots and put them into a folder with a date on the photo. Compare previous and current designs to your website.

Tip no 4: Check the design on mobiles and tablets

Now is the moment to check your website on small screens. Ask friends if they prefer your website on desktops or mobiles. If the feedback is positive, you are ok. If your website isn’t more beautiful and user-friendly on mobiles, it’s time for the website redesign.

3 examples of non-responsive (left) and responsive (right) website designs

You should pay close attention to trends in mobile website design, as more and more people are turning to their smartphones and tablet for daily activities such as searching for information and goods online.


By 2024, mobile devices will account for over two-thirds of all internet searches worldwide. As a result, you should ensure your website provides a user experience that meets the needs and expectations of your target customers. Additionally, focus on providing optimized content for mobile users in terms of speed and relevance to remain competitive and drive more customers to your website.


By 2024, online sales will account for nearly 25% of total retail sales worldwide. And 2/3 of that number will happen on mobile devices and tablets.


If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will lose thousands of dollars because your website will have a poor ranking and low conversion rates.


The only way to stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital economy is to have a modern, updated website design.

Tip no 5: New content and website design

Twice a month, you should add new content to your website (and update an old one). If this is not easy from the technical aspect, you should invest in a website redesign.

As of August 2022. Google puts new, original content as the number one ranking factor. Having fresh, unique, user-friendly, and engaging content is a must.


Ok, so you agree with that, but it is very difficult for you to upload or change anything. If that is the case, it’s time to invest in a website redesign.


Modern websites, especially ones built on WordPress, are easy to manage, even for non-technical, non-programming owners. After only 30-minute coaching, you’ll easily add fresh content, thus maintaining your high ranking, enticing more traffic, and increasing conversions.

Website redesign goals

A website redesign can help you achieve your goals and unlock new opportunities for success, from improved usability and brand identity to increased traffic and conversions.


Check below all the goals and benefits you’ll have from the website redesign.

Overall success

The modern design increases the chances of fulfilling your goals.

An outdated website design will drive away potential customers and decrease brand trust. An obsolete website, with little to no content, will miss conversion opportunities.

You should build a solid online presence with engaging and optimized content and modern design, visually pleasing for visitors.

Enhanced brand identity

A well-designed website gives visitors (your potential customers) a positive first impression of your brand.

Your powerful online brand identity will be established by redesigning your website, and creating an engaging and professional look that resonates with customers, improves user experience, and increases visibility in search engine results pages (SERP).

Increased conversions

Updating content regularly on your site is essential for ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Obsolete websites risk being passed over by search engines in favor of more current pages from competitors. That leads to lower conversion rates from organic traffic sources. Stay ahead in the search engine game and keep visitors returning for more.


 Since 2022. over 50% of your target audience uses smartphones or tablets instead of PCs or laptops to search the web. A mobile-friendly version of your site is essential, as both Google and humans now penalize non-mobile compatible sites. Redesigning or creating a responsive version of your website can ensure both desktop & mobile viewers have access to the same great experience visiting your page!

Improved website UX

A good web design should be customer-centric and make it easier for visitors to find what they want.

Redesigning your site with improved navigation, enticing CTAs, and easy-to-understand content can ensure that users quickly understand what you offer and why they need it.

Website redesign checklist

If you’re considering a website redesign, here’s a checklist of things to consider and questions you should answer:


  1. Define Your Goals: What do you want your website to achieve? What is your primary goal with a website? Why did you invest money in building it?
  2. Have A Design Strategy: How will the design, content, and user experience contribute to those goals? Consult with experts in the field. Check your competitors.
  3. Establish Brand Identity: How do you want your brand to be perceived? Which emotions do you want your potential customers to develop when visiting your website?
  4. Understand User Needs And Preferences: What type of content and features should be included on the site? You might find our article “50 ways to improve a website” helpful.
  5. Research Functionality & Usability Requirements: Which technologies and platforms should be used for optimal performance and usability? What do your customers need? Which problems will you solve for them?
  6. Develop A Visual Language: How can design, layout, images, and text be used to reflect the intended brand identity and message?
  7. Validate The Final Design With Users Through Testing And Reviews: Make sure that the end result is something that users are comfortable with and can interact with easily.




Do not go through this checklist alone. First, choose a designer, then plan your website redesign together. Most importantly, open your mind to advice your designer will give. Trust their expertise and experience – that is why you hired them, right?

Average cost of website redesign

affordable wordpress website design prices to invest in a website

The average cost of a website redesign in 2023. is estimated to range from $200 – $25,000, depending on the complexity of the website.

The following factors impact the cost of a website redesign:

  • number of pages,
  • functionalities
  • design requirements,
  • third-party integrations

Secondly, costs associated with content migration, SEO optimization, and ongoing maintenance should also be factored in.

Finally, to ensure a successful launch, you may also devote resources towards developing a good marketing strategy for your redesigned website.

Affordable website redesign packages

Affordable WordPress website design - What does the price of a website depend on

Don’t be frightened by the amount of money required to redesign a website.

You can redesign some pages on your website even if you don’t have enough money. Prioritizing certain pages and redesigning them first could be a great way to get the most out of a limited budget.

You can focus on pages most important to driving conversions or improving user experience.


Alternatively, you can opt for smaller changes such as updating existing content, freshening the design, or optimizing images to improve performance. Small-scale changes may not require as much money, but they can still positively impact your website’s success.


Our website redesign packages are based on the number of pages you want to improve.

There are three affordable website redesign packages we offer. You can choose one of these three packages:

  1. Basic for only $40,
  2. Standard for $180, 
  3. Premium for $320.

Website redesign prices and content

Basic package

$ 40

The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package



1 Page/Product redesigned

SEO optimized for 1 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 3 days

Standard package

$ 180

(10% discount)

Standard WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 260 usd



5 Pages/Products redesigned

SEO optimized for 5 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 7 days

Premium package


(20% discount)

Premium WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 340 usd



10 Page/Product redesigned

SEO optimized for 1 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 14 days



When is it time to invest in a website redesign?


One sentence answer is:


If your website doesn’t work for your goals and dreams, the time for a redesign was yesterday.


By investing several hundred dollars today, you’ll experience a high return on investment in less than a year.

So, don’t wait, and good luck!

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