White Label Link Building: SEO, Links & Ranking In 5 Minutes

FAQ: White Label Link Building

This article draws insights from auditing over 700 websites and my direct involvement in optimizing, building links, and consulting for dozens of sites on their journey to top rankings, increased traffic, and, ultimately, profit.

Here, you’ll find only useful information and guidelines that are 100% tested and proven.

So, in less than 5 minutes, find out how you can improve your website and start earning real money.

What is White Label Link Building and Why Is it Important for Ranking on Google?

White hat link building

The short answer is:

White label link building is a process of acquiring backlinks through strategies approved by Google, such as content creation, guest blogging, and strategic partnerships, without resorting to black hat tactics like buying links or using other disapproved methods.


For any website aiming to climb search engine ranks and boost traffic, white label link building is non-negotiable. It’s an irreplaceable strategy for a successful SEO ranking, securing long-term growth and visibility on Google and other search engines.

Is Link Building Still Relevant To SEO?

Yes, absolutely YES.

Link building remains a necessary component of SEO. It greatly influences search engine rankings. Google’s algorithms continue to value high-quality backlinks as a major ranking factor, signaling the relevance, authority, and trustworthiness of a website.


Why is Link Building the Most Important for Top Ranking and Traffic

  • Authority and Trust: Links from reputable sites increase your site’s authority.
  • Relevance: Relevant backlinks help Google understand your site’s niche.
  • Traffic: Quality backlinks drive relevant traffic, not just improve rankings.
  • Visibility: More backlinks increase the chances of being found by users and search engines.

Adapting to Algorithm Changes

While the core importance of link building remains, strategies must evolve to align with Google’s algorithm updates focused on link quality over quantity. Practices that prioritize ethical link-building and avoid manipulative tactics are absolutely necessary for long-term SEO success.

Throughout the years, backlinks remain a hugely important ranking factor, consistently among the top three.

Google constantly assesses a site’s authority, relevance, and quality of its content through the lens of external endorsements, i.e., backlinks.


Long-lasting Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks serve as a vote of confidence from one site to another, indicating to search engines that the content is valuable, credible, and useful.

High-quality backlinks, especially from authoritative and relevant domains, greatly boost a website’s search engine rankings by affirming its standing within its niche.

Adaptation to Google’s Algorithm Evolution

Google’s algorithms have increasingly prioritized the quality, relevance, and context of backlinks over sheer numbers. This shift underscores the importance of strategic link-building practices that align with ethical standards and contribute to a healthy, spam-free web ecosystem.

For example, a backlink from a leading industry blog or a news outlet renowned for its editorial rigor carries more weight than numerous links from obscure, irrelevant sites.

White label link building

Link-building: The Constant in SEO

While Google’s algorithm updates introduce new nuances in how backlinks are evaluated, the fundamental principle that backlinks signify credibility and quality remains unchanged. The focus on ethical link-building practices—emphasizing the natural acquisition of backlinks from reputable and relevant sources—guarantees that regardless of algorithm changes, backlinks maintain their position as a cornerstone of SEO success.



Quality Over Quantity

The emphasis should be on earning backlinks that are relevant and from authoritative domains. A single high-quality backlink is more beneficial than numerous low-quality ones.

Link building continues to be a cornerstone of SEO strategy, necessary for improving a site’s visibility, authority, and rankings.


Conducting the white label link building strategy that is ethical and strategic will yield the best long-term results.


Furthermore, backlinks are more than just a ranking factor; they are a testament to a site’s authority, relevance, and the quality of its content. No matter the direction of future algorithm updates, the value of a strong, white-label backlink profile will remain indispensable in achieving and sustaining high search engine rankings.



Over 50% of clicks go to the first three organic positions (not ads). 95% of all internet searches happen on the first page of Google.

Without top ranking, you won’t have traffic. Without traffic, your website is just another waste in your business portfolio.

How many backlinks do I need to rank?

The number of backlinks required to rank effectively in search engine results varies widely across different industries and depends on the competitiveness of your target keywords.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, but understanding your niche’s landscape and your competitors’ strategies is essential.

Is link building still relevant to SEO

Less Competitive Niches

Local businesses or specialized niches might see significant ranking improvements with a relatively small number of high-quality backlinks, ranging from 20 to 50. These backlinks should come from reputable sources within the same niche or local business directories and news outlets.


Highly Competitive Niches

Fields like automotive, fashion, travel, and finance are highly competitive, and websites in these areas may need hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to climb the search engine rankings. The focus should be on securing backlinks from authoritative domains within the industry, including major news sites, influential blogs, and forums.


Post-Helpful Content Update (HCU)

The Google HCU in September and November 2023 emphasizes the importance of backlinks from content that prioritizes user value over SEO manipulation.

Backlinks gained from high-quality, informative, and user-focused content are more beneficial than ever. The update encourages website owners to seek out backlinks that not only improve SEO but also contribute to a positive user experience.


So, if you want to rank high for highly competitive keywords, you must work on link-building, constantly publishing unique content and acquiring backlinks for it, whether organically or by implementing white hat link-building tactics.

30-Minute Consultation

If you want to know how to improve your ranking on Google and bring traffic to your website, schedule a 30-minute or 60-minute consultation, and I will show you.


I will not sell you empty promises – you’ll get several options and probabilities and a timetable for successful outcomes. No more, no less.


You will get all the knowledge and information you need to decide how to proceed based on your time and budget.

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Actionable Steps to Conduct a Successful White Hat Link Building Strategy

White label link building step by step instructions
  • Analyze Competitors: Use SEO tools to understand the backlink profiles of top-ranking competitors in your niche. This will give you a benchmark for the number and quality of backlinks to aim for.
  • Focus on Quality: Prioritize backlinks from websites that are authoritative and relevant to your niche. One high-quality backlink can be more effective than multiple low-quality ones.
  • Diversify Your Strategy: Incorporate various methods to build backlinks, including guest blogging, participating in forums, and creating shareable content, to build a robust backlink profile.
  • Monitor and Adjust: Regularly review your backlink strategy’s performance and adjust your approach based on what’s working. This includes removing or disavowing low-quality backlinks that could harm your SEO.

In conclusion, while there’s no exact number of backlinks that guarantees a top ranking, focusing on quality, relevance, and user value in your link-building efforts is key to improving your search engine visibility.

How many backlinks are good?

How many backlinks are good

A good number of backlinks is relative. Focus on obtaining high-quality, relevant links rather than a specific number. Consistently earn more over time to maintain and improve rankings.

There’s no magic number. Aim for steady growth. 



If starting a new blog, securing 5-10 new high-quality backlinks per month from guest posts on relevant blogs or sites will signal trust and authority over time.

General Instructions to Know How Many Backlinks You Need

For New Websites

Initially, aim to acquire 5-10 backlinks each month from authoritative and relevant sites. Implement guest blogging on industry-related websites, collaborate with influencers who share your target audience, or get featured in industry roundups. Prioritize sites with high Domain Authority (DA) as measured by SEO tools like Moz, as links from them carry more weight.



For Established Websites

Suppose your site already has a foundation of backlinks and a certain level of domain authority. In that case, your focus should shift towards maintaining and gradually increasing your backlink count while improving the quality and relevance of links. An established site should aim for 10-20 new backlinks per month, focusing on higher authority sites and relevance to be 100% sure that each backlink contributes to your site’s authority and search engine rankings.

Quality of links is much more important than the quantity

Diversify Your Backlink Profile

Be sure that your backlinks come from a variety of sources, including blogs, news sites, directories, and forums, to signal to search engines that your website is being recognized across the web. Diversity in your backlink profile demonstrates to search engines that your site is a valuable resource across different contexts and communities.


Monitor Your Progress

Use SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush to monitor your backlinks’ growth and quality. Pay attention to your site’s overall domain rating DR or authority score improvement, which is a good indicator of how your backlink strategy is affecting your site’s perceived trustworthiness and authority.


Engage in Active Outreach

Develop a consistent outreach program where you contact site owners, bloggers, and journalists to pitch story ideas, guest posts, or collaborations. Personalize your outreach emails to increase your success rate and build genuine relationships within your industry.



Never forget- Quality Over Quantity

A single backlink from a highly authoritative site in your niche is worth far more than numerous low-quality links from irrelevant or spammy sites. Focus on earning backlinks that will genuinely improve your site’s authority and drive targeted traffic rather than chasing a high number of backlinks at any cost.

If you want your website to have traffic but don’t have time to work on white label link building, you can hire the agency to do that for you.

Check the SEO Jesus’ highly successful plans for top ranking.

Not sure what to do next?


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Customer Satisfaction and Retention Best Practices & Tips

It’s time to focus on customer retention and satisfaction!

Don’t settle for just one-time purchases.

Winning the loyalty of your customers can be a game-changer for your success.

We give you the solutions to keep your customers returning for more!

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

(7-minute read)

Customers Retention and Satisfaction eCommerce

Table of Content

What is User Retention

User retention is a measure of customer loyalty essential for long-term success.

User retention can be improved through various strategies, such as improving the user experience, providing excellent customer service, and offering personalized promotions.

A high retention rate indicates that customers are satisfied with the product or service and are likely to continue using it in the future.

What is User Retention

As an eCommerce store owner, understanding user retention is crucial for sales and profit. Repeat customers are more profitable and cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Retaining your existing customers should be a top priority.


Additionally, monitoring user engagement and feedback will identify areas of improvement, allowing data-driven decisions to enhance the overall user experience.

By prioritizing user retention, you will build a loyal customer base and boost your eCommerce store’s long-term success.

Proof that Customer Satisfaction and Retention matter

Case studies demonstrate that user retention is critical for building a successful eCommerce business.

Here are some case studies that clearly show the importance of customer satisfaction and retention.

  1. Amazon Prime: Amazon has successfully built a loyal customer base through its Prime subscription service, which offers free shipping, exclusive deals, and streaming services. According to a survey by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP), Prime members tend to spend more money on the platform than non-Prime members. The report also found that Prime members have an impressive retention rate of 93% after their first membership year.
  2. LinkedIn: In a case study published by LinkedIn, the company reported that users who completed their profile were up to 40 times more likely to receive job opportunities than those with incomplete profiles. By prioritizing user engagement and encouraging users to complete their profiles, LinkedIn has successfully retained its users and created a valuable professional platform.
  3. Dropbox: Dropbox’s referral program is an excellent example of how personalized promotions can improve user retention. By incentivizing existing users to invite their friends and family to use the platform, Dropbox increased user retention by 60%. Referral programs effectively encourage users to engage with your brand and promote loyalty among your customer base.
Customer Retention and Satisfaction - featured image

Here are some statistical data that highlight the significance of customer satisfaction and retention in eCommerce:

  1. According to a study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% will boost profit by 25% to 95% (depending on the industry).
  2. A report by Adobe found that returning customers have a higher conversion rate than new customers. Returning customers have a conversion rate of 2.4%, while new have only 0.6%.
  3. A research study by Invesp found that acquiring a new customer can be up to five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.
  4. Another study by HubSpot reports that 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer excellent customer service.
  5. Research by Forrester found that 77% of customers would recommend a company to a friend after experiencing positive customer service.

Customer Retention Analytics

Customer retention analysis examines a business’s customer base to identify patterns and trends related to customer retention. It involves analyzing customer behavior, such as:

  • purchase frequency,
  • order value,
  • the time between purchases,

to gain insight into customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Customer Retention Analytics

Customer retention analysis aims to understand how to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Standard customer retention analysis techniques include cohort analysis, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling.

Step-by-step guide for the customer retention analysis

If you decide to perform a customer retention analysis, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Define Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): KPIs are the metrics that businesses use to measure customer retention. KPIs include customer lifetime value, churn rate, repeat purchase rate, and customer satisfaction scores.
  2. Collect data: Customer data is collected from various sources, such as sales transactions, website traffic, social media engagement, and customer service interactions. The data must be cleaned and organized to enable effective analysis.
  3. Analyze the data: Use statistical techniques such as cohort analysis, regressions, design of experiment (DOE), predictive modeling, and customer segmentation to analyze the data. Identify patterns and trends related to customer retention. Minitab statistical software is one of the best for customer satisfaction and retention analysis.
  4. Generate insights and conclusions: Use the insights generated from the data analysis to identify areas for improvement in customer retention strategies. Identify customer segments at risk of churning, optimize pricing and promotions, or improve the overall customer experience.
  5. Take action to improve customer satisfaction and retention: Take appropriate action. Options include fine-tuning marketing campaigns, improving customer service, or introducing new products or services.
  6. Monitor and iterate: Customer retention analysis is an ongoing process, and you should monitor selected KPIs constantly. Use time charts, cause & effect diagrams, and Paretto analysis and adjust their strategies accordingly. Never stop analyzing and improving – that is the only way to stay ahead of competitors. Remember, they are doing the same.

Infographic - Step-by-step guide for the customer retention analysis

Click on the image to enlarge

Retention Curve

A retention curve, also known as a churn curve or survival curve, is a graphical representation of customer retention over time. It shows the percentage of customers who remain active and engaged with a product or service over a given period.

Example of retention curves

The retention curve typically starts at 100% and shows the percentage of customers remaining at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

For example, a retention curve for a subscription-based service might show the percentage of customers who remain subscribed after 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and so on.


Retention curves help identify patterns in customer behavior and highlight areas where retention rates may be low. By analyzing retention curves, you can identify customer segments at risk of churning and take appropriate action to improve retention rates.


Retention curves can also be used to benchmark performance against industry standards and track retention strategies’ impact over time. They support data-driven decisions for long-term success.

Retention Chart

Retention charts, also known as cohort analysis charts or retention grids, are visual representations of customer retention and engagement over time, organized by customer cohorts.


A retention chart is typically a grid that shows the percentage of customers in each cohort who remain active and engaged with a product or service over time. The cohorts are typically defined by the month or quarter in which they first became customers.

For example, a retention chart for an eCommerce store might show the percentage of customers who made their first purchase in January, February, March, and so on and the rate of those customers who made a repeat purchase in each subsequent month.


Retention charts are useful for identifying trends and patterns in customer behavior over time and comparing retention rates between different customer cohorts. By analyzing retention charts, you will identify areas where retention rates may be low and take appropriate action to improve them for specific customer segments.

B2B Customer Retention and Satisfaction

B2B customers are generally more sensitive than individual e-commerce buyers due to ROI, long-term strategic planning, and higher product quality, reliability, and customer service expectations.

B2B Customer Retention and Satisfaction

As the owner of a B2B eCommerce business, you should be aware of several important things to keep your customers satisfied and loyal:

  1. Building Relationships: B2B customers value relationships and personalized service more than B2C customers. Building solid relationships with your customers through regular communication, excellent customer service, and customized experiences is essential.
  2. Quality Products & Services: Ensure you offer top-quality products and services that address your customers’ unique needs and pain points.
  3. Customer Feedback: Soliciting and listening to feedback is necessary in a B2B world. Survey your customers regularly and show them that you genuinely care.
  4. Data-Driven Strategies: Analyze customer data to gain insights into their behavior and preferences. Use analytics tools to track customer behavior, identify trends, and measure the effectiveness of retention initiatives. Make decisions based on data.
  5. Proactive Approach: Keeping customers happy and retaining them for years is the first prerequisite for your success. Competition I severe and ruthless. Innovate constantly, and never stop improving your products and services.

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

Implementing personalization, loyalty programs, email marketing, excellent customer service, user-generated content, and an easy checkout process can create a positive customer experience, encouraging repeat purchases and fostering brand loyalty.

How to Keep Customers Coming Back

To keep customers coming back to your e-commerce store, you should try the following tips:

  1. Personalization: Provide a personalized experience for your customers. Recommend products based on their browsing and purchase history. They will feel valued and understood.
  2. Loyalty programs: Offer exclusive discounts or free shipping incentives to encourage repeat sales.
  3. Email marketing: Use email marketing to inform your customers about new products, promotions, and sales. Sending personalized emails will build a relationship and increase customer satisfaction, retention, and brand loyalty.
  4. Excellent customer service: Ensure customers are satisfied with their purchases. Respond promptly to inquiries and resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.
  5. Encourage reviews and shares: Encourage customers to share their experiences and review your products. This creates a sense of community and fosters brand loyalty.
  6. Easy checkout process: Make sure your checkout is simple and easy to use. This will reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.
  7. Provide automated shipment tracking: Recently, there have been numerous apps you can integrate into your eCommerce website to provide a 24/7 order tracking option. Your customers will love it.

I Need You to Increase the Number of Customers

When your sales and profit are unsatisfactory or declining, remember that customer satisfaction and retention are critical and the least expensive ways to improve your dire situation.

I Need You to Increase the Number of Customers 1

So, what should you do to increase the number of customers? We suggest you refocus and try to increase

  • number of purchases
  • average purchase value
  • positive reviews
  • shares on social media
  • cross-sell and upsell.

All mentioned techniques are 100% guaranteed way to success. All you need to do is reach out to your existing customers. Do not waste time and money designing new products, penetrating new niches, or implementing some expensive marketing strategies.


Utilize the power of customer satisfaction and retention. Focus your efforts there, and you’ll be awarded tenfold.

Step-by-step guide to increase the number of customers (or sales)

Here are step-by-step instructions for bringing more customers or/and sales by utilizing customer retention:

  1. Assess your current customer retention efforts
  2. Review customer data, such as purchase history and feedback,
  3. Identify which customers are most valuable and engaged.
  4. Make a list of opportunities to improve customer retention using the techniques we listed above
  5. Continuously improve your retention strategies by monitoring customer feedback, analyzing customer behavior, and staying up-to-date on industry trends and best practices
  6. Stay engaged with your customers by regularly communicating with them, providing valuable content and resources, and seeking feedback to improve your products or services

How can shipping boost customer satisfaction and retention and bring more sales

Order shipping can be daunting and nerve-wracking. There is a 100% successful way to make the best of it and increase sales and profit.

Marketing to Existing Customers

There is one guaranteed and proven way to increase customer satisfaction and retention and increase sales by 10% in less than a week.

Integrate order tracking software on your eCommerce website and experience positive results quickly.



Good order tracking software:

  • Reduces anxiety: It provides customers with real-time updates on the status of their orders.
  • Increases convenience: Customers can check on the status of their orders quickly and easily from anywhere, without having to contact customer service or wait on hold.
  • Offers opportunities for upselling: With order tracking software, businesses can automatically send upsell emails to customers during the course of their order journey, providing additional product recommendations and increasing sales opportunities.
  • Demonstrates care: Regular email notifications throughout the order process, from order confirmation to delivery, show customers that you care about their experience and are committed to keeping them informed and engaged.
  • Provides transparency: By offering detailed information about shipping details, expected delivery dates, and any potential delays, order tracking software provides transparency and visibility into the order process, which can improve customer trust and confidence.
  • Enhances customer service: When customers have questions or concerns about their orders, order tracking software allows customer service representatives to quickly and accurately respond with updated information, leading to a positive customer service experience.

The best order tracking software for eCommerce

When you decide to follow our advice to boost customer satisfaction and retention while utilizing modern technology, we strongly recommend Track Mage.

TrackMage Logo

TrackMage is an exceptional order-tracking software that has received numerous positive feedback. See for yourself; check now TrackMage case studies.


Some of TrackMage’s key features include:

  • real-time package tracking,
  • email and SMS notifications,
  • customizable tracking pages,
  • detailed delivery information
  • integration with a variety of e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce,
  • sales boost on autopilot by utilizing the upsell techniques through automated emails during the shipping period.

Customer Retention Technology

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Customer Retention and Satisfaction Technology

Using technology can be a great way to increase sales and profit in your e-commerce store. Technology has revolutionized how businesses operate, and e-commerce stores are no exception.

Here are some ways that technology can help increase sales and profit:

  1. Improved customer experience: By utilizing technology such as chatbots, personalized recommendations, and easy-to-use checkout processes, you can provide a better customer experience that encourages customers to make purchases and return in the future.
  2. Better data analysis: Technology allows you to collect and analyze customer data at a level that was impossible just a few years ago. This data can help you identify trends, preferences, and pain points in your customer base, allowing you to optimize your marketing efforts and improve customer retention.
  3. Streamlined operations: By automating repetitive or time-consuming tasks, technology can help you streamline your operations and reduce costs. This can free up resources to focus on revenue-generating initiatives and improve profitability.
  4. Expanded reach: Technology can help you reach new audiences through social media advertising, SEO optimization, and other digital marketing channels. This can help you grow your customer base and increase sales.
  5. Easy feedback and reviews: Technology allows you to automate feedback requests, making it easy for customers to leave reviews and provide feedback on their experience with your store. This can be done through email requests, pop-ups on your website, or other methods.

3-sentence Conclusion

In conclusion, customer satisfaction and loyalty are critical factors in driving sales growth and achieving long-term success in e-commerce.


By prioritizing the customer experience and investing in strategies and technologies that enhance satisfaction and build loyalty, businesses will increase customer retention, attract new customers, and establish a strong foundation for sustainable growth over time.


Ultimately, the success of any e-commerce business depends on its ability to provide a high-quality customer experience that prioritizes satisfaction and loyalty above all else.

Customer Satisfaction and Retention Best Practices & Tips Read More »

Benefits of Website Redesign & SEO: Why You Must Do It

Discover what benefits you’ll have from a website redesign and why you must perform it regularly.

Investing in the redesign and SEO will pay off quickly and with a high ROI.

Benefits of website redesign

5-minute read

Ways to improve a website and gain more traffic

1. How does redesign improve USER EXPERIENCE

User experience (UX) is the overall impression and satisfaction we experience when interacting with a product, service, or system.


In the context of websites, UX pertains to the ease of navigation, the usefulness of content and features, and the effectiveness of meeting the user’s objectives.


A positive UX occurs when website visitors:

  • efficiently and intuitively find what they are searching for,
  • in less than 3 seconds, comprehend the information provided, 
  • accomplish intended goals with ease.
Benefits of website redesign - improved user experience

A great UX affects visitors’ feelings, expectations, preferences, and motivations and aims to offer a seamless and enjoyable interaction with a website.


A website design evolves yearly, and internet users change their expectations quickly. The attention span is shorter than ever. People won’t bother to search and scroll if that requires any effort.


Website redesign is necessary to follow trends and provide good UX leading to increased engagement, higher conversions, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

2. How does redesign affects BRAND awareness

Brand awareness is consumers’ ability to recognize a company’s name, logo, slogan, and other distinctive characteristics.

Brand awareness differentiates your business from competitors, increasing your chances of a sale. With a strong brand, you’ll have a broader market reach, tighter customer loyalty, more purchases, and steady, rising profit.

Benefits of website redesign - brand awareness
Brand awareness can be achieved through various marketing and advertising efforts, including social media, content marketing, traditional advertising channels such as TV and radio, sponsorships, and collaborations with well-known brands.

In today’s day and age, the most powerful tool for establishing a brand is your website.

Since over 95% of all business decisions start with internet searches, your website is the ultimate digital ID. As said before, consumers’ expectations are changing yearly. Your website must follow trends, or it will become obsolete, harming your profit and goals.

3 benefits of website redesign directly affecting BRAND

The benefits of website redesign for your brand are manifold. They will demonstrate to customers that your business is modern, responsive to changes, and up-to-date on trends.

Benefits of website redesign - brand sharing on social media
  1. Firstly, a website redesign will enhance visual appeal and aesthetics, making it more attractive, modern, and engaging to your potential customers. This will create a positive first impression and glue them to your website, increasing the likelihood of returning, purchasing, and sharing.

  2. Secondly, a website redesign will allow you to easily communicate a company’s unique value proposition and brand messaging. By creating more intuitive navigation and a clear content hierarchy, visitors will better understand your brand’s offerings, mission, and values.

  3. Thirdly, a website redesign can improve its functionality and responsiveness, making it easier for visitors to interact with the site and access the information they need. This will enhance the overall user experience and satisfaction. Happy customers tend to share and leave 5-star reviews, making them your best advertisers and brand promoters.

3. How does redesign affects the website's DOMAIN AUTHORITY

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz, which predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Benefits of website redesign - steady increase of the Domain Authority

In other words, DA is a measure of the authority and trustworthiness of a website based on two factors:

  • the quality and quantity of links pointing to the website
  • originality, usefulness, quality, and quantity of the content

The DA score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating a greater likelihood that the website will rank well on SERPs. The higher the DA score, the more reputable and authoritative website is, leading to more traffic, higher conversions, and increased profit.

You can check your DA on Moz or Ahrefs.

Check DA on Moz (more relevant).

Check your DA on Ahrefs (usually exaggerated).

The benefits of website redesign on DA will be noticed only if it includes: UX improvements, SEO optimization, and content creation.


Do you want to improve your website ranking?

The only way is to increase its domain authority. And to do so, one of the necessary steps is a full website redesign, including UX, SEO, and content updates. Only then you’ll experience the benefits of the website redesign.

4. How does redesign increase SERP rank

While Domain Authority (DA) is the potential to rank high, SERP rank is the actual score search engines assign to each website based on many factors, among which the following are the most important:

  1. SEO
  2. number and quality of backlinks
  3. content relevance, originality, and freshness
  4. users engagement
Why is website content important - content is judged by visitors and machines

The first and the fourth factors are tightly related to web design. SEO requires clear structure, headings with relevant keywords, short paragraphs, original images, and readable texts.


According to research:

  • 61.5% of website visitors spend 50% more time on websites with attractive visual designs than those with unattractive visuals.
  • Website design also plays a vital role in user engagement – visually appealing layouts and easy-to-navigate webpages can increase user engagement by up to 32%.
  • Including videos reduces the bounce rate by 30% and enhances user engagement by offering users a dynamic and interactive experience.
  • Engaging visuals such as high-quality photos, infographics, and illustrations increase engagement and conversion rates by 80%.
  • Responsive design, optimized for mobile devices, will boost conversions by up to 20%.


Practice and marketing studies confirmed that the benefits of website redesign are manifold, leading to more sales and high ROI.

5. How does a website redesign boosts TRAFFIC

The benefit of website redesign experienced through traffic boost is indirect. You shouldn’t expect that investing in the redesign will immediately result in visitors influx. (Or, at least, not without paid marketing campaigns or fierce social media promotions).

If done properly, a website redesign will:

  • improve user experience,
  • prolong time spent on the site, and
  • increase engagement rate, SEO score, and Domain Authority

resulting in a higher SERP ranking. It might take some time, but you will notice the steady rise of website traffic as one of the most important benefits of website redesign.

Benefits of website redesign and reasons to do it

Here are some data that confirms that there is a correlation between website redesign and more traffic:

  • Marketing studies show that website redesigns can boost website traffic by up to 30%.
  • Making text easier to read and more user-friendly increases website traffic by up to 10%.
  • Redesigning the checkout process reduces obstacles visitors may encounter while browsing your site, thus encouraging them to stay longer.
  • Adding new content, such as blog posts and product reviews, will attract new visitors.

Besides redesign, there are numerous methods to increase traffic to your website. You shouldn’t implement all at once, but the redesign is an absolute must.


When you decide to perform website redesign and optimization, ask yourself: “What do I want the visitor to do when they reach the end of the page?”

Never lose sight of the goal you want to achieve with your site.


The second biggest mistake we’ve come across often is clients getting lost in the choice of colors, images, and font type, completely overlooking the purpose of each web page and its sections.
Every dollar and minute you invest in redesign and optimization should contribute to increased conversion.

6. How does a website redesign increases CONVERSIONS

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take action on a website compared to the total number of visitors.


Examples of conversions:

  • purchasing
  • subscribing to a newsletter
  • becoming a member
  • filling out the form
  • calling or sending an email

Conversion rate is widely used in marketing to measure the success of the website and its different strategies and campaigns.

How do care plans influence website conversions

Website design is the major influence factor for conversions. We do not talk about colors and fonts (which are important), but the structure, media, call-to-actions, scrollability, responsiveness, ease of navigation, and, most importantly, emotions visitor experiences.


Recent studies confirm that a significant increase in conversions is one of the greatest benefits of a website redesign.

  1. A study conducted by HubSpot found that businesses that redesigned their website every 1-2 years have a conversion rate 3 times higher than those that redesigned their website less frequently.

  2. Redesigning the Moz website resulted in a 52% increase in revenue per visitor and a 66% increase in free trial signups.

  3. A study by the Nielsen Norman Group found that website redesigns increased conversion rates by an average of 35.6%.

  4. Studies have shown that website redesign can reduce cart abandonment rates by up to 30%.


If your website has traffic, but you are unsatisfied with the number of purchases, calls, subscriptions, or form submissions, the most probable culprit is the design of your website.

Solution: invest today in a website redesign and SEO, and enjoy benefits for months and years to come.

7. How does a website redesign increases the NUMBER OF RETURNING CUSTOMERS

Increased number of returning visitors, as one of the benefits of a website redesign, is based on psychology and the subconscious. Every image, video, text, call-to-action, form, and other element affects emotions. Beautiful layout and smooth navigation wrapped all those enticing positive feelings.

Invest in a website to improve customer service

The website built by the latest design trends surreptitiously leads visitors toward the desired action, making them feel great, safe, understood, and supported.


Once you achieve a certain trust level and you provide information, solutions, or products a visitor was searching for, they will come back for more.


Knowing that acquiring a new customer is over 30% more expensive than bringing back the old one and knowing how important a design is, you can see why and how a modern look of your website guarantees repeated visits.

8. How does a website redesign increases PROFIT

Benefits of website redesign - steady profit increase and high ROI

The final result and ultimate benefit of the website redesign is the steady rise in your profit.

As multiple studies confirm, by making your website:

  • responsive
  • user-friendly
  • modern
  • beautiful
  • easy to navigate
  • unique
  • engaging

you’ll establish your brand, build trust, boost traffic and conversions, and motivate visitors to return for more.

If your average sale is, for example, $50, and you invest $500 in the redesign, starting from your 11th new (or returning) customer, each purchase will add to the profit rise.


(To know if your website needs a redesign, check our article “When is it time to redesign a website.”)




Investing in a website redesign is the smartest decision you can make if your website doesn’t work for your goals.

The benefits of website redesign are manifold, and you’ll experience them for years.


9. How much website redesign cost

The cost of a website redesign varies depending on several factors, such as:

  • the complexity of the design,
  • the number of pages, the functionality required, and
  • who will provide new content.

Simple redesigns can start at a few hundred dollars, while more complex redesigns cost thousands.


Our price is $40 per web page we redesign and SEO optimize for higher ranking in search results.

Additionally, we provide discounts for five and ten web pages.

Please, check our website redesign and SEO packages we offer via Fiverr freelance platform.


If you want to find out if your website needs redesigning, ask for our free website rank check with improvement recommendations. In less than 24h, we’ll tell you where your website is now and what you should do to start enjoying all the benefits of the website redesign.

Benefits of Website Redesign & SEO: Why You Must Do It Read More »

Why invest in a website – 5 absolute “MUSTs” for success

Your business does need a website to survive and flourish in our digital era.

Since 2010, the demand for business websites has skyrocketed.


Failure to invest in an effective business website could spell disaster for your business.

Don’t let yourself fall behind!

Why invest in a website?

affordable wordpress website design prices to invest in a website

It is becoming increasingly evident that the presence of a website is critical for businesses of any size in today’s digital age. As technology progresses rapidly and competition intensifies, statistics have provided solid evidence supporting the need for an online presence.

10 statistics you should know

The following are ten compelling pieces of statistical data that indicate why every business should invest in creating a uniquely tailored website:


  • 97% of consumers search online for local businesses;
  • 79% of consumers will not engage with a business if they cannot find its website;
  • 57% of consumers between 18-70 years of age report they receive updates on products and services from company websites;
  • 68% use the internet when researching new products or services to buy;
  • 94% of B2B buyers research suppliers online before making a purchase;
  • 66% of internet users expect companies to offer personalized experiences on their websites;
  • 42% research whether brands show up in multiple sites of search engine results pages (SERPs);
  • 68% prefer to be directed from social media platforms to company websites for further information;
  • 61% believe it is essential for organizations to update content regularly on their sites;
  • 76 % of users are likely to return if presented with relevant content.

When taken together, these statistics paint an undeniable picture: websites are essential tools for businesses looking to thrive and remain competitive in today’s market.

5 Reasons why business must invest in a website

Having a great website is the key to success in today’s world” – Jeff Bezos

A website is a window through which your business says hello to the world” – Claire Connor

Website is a way to say Hello to the world

Here are five reasons you must invest in a website if you want to succeed nowadays. Your custom-made website:

1. Invest in a website to REACH MORE CUSTOMERS

Investing in a website is a great way to reach more customers. An online presence allows you to compete with larger companies, connect with new audiences, and increase sales.

Invest in a website to reach broader markets

Important to know: internet marketing is the cheapest tool to attract new clients and customers. Often, it’s free.


Knowing that over 80% of your potential customers are active on the internet and social media, build your website for them. Show them how you can help and what is unique about your products and services that will make their life better. SEO optimize all content, and new customers will definitely come.

2. Invest in a website to INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS

Brand awareness is the degree of recognition and familiarity that people have with your brand. It dictates how customers perceive and interact with your company and its products. Brand awareness can be increased through various marketing strategies, of which the website is one of the most affordable.

Invest in a website to increase brand awareness

Statistics show that keeping customers is over 30% less expensive than acquiring new ones. Having strong brand awareness is essential for businesses. Strong brand awareness increases customer trust and loyalty, which leads to more sales and higher profits.


Here is how your website supports your brand:


  1. Website design: it reflects your brand colors and your business style. Great design provokes positive emotions. That stays memorized. When your customers decide to purchase, or hire, they’ll remember you, thus increasing the chances for sales.
  2. Content: Quality content consistent with the brand message increases brand recognition, values, and product offerings. Content such as blogs, videos, social media posts, and e-books create a positive impression of the company. Creating content related to industry news and trends engages customers and establishes credibility for the brand. Finally, producing high-quality content boosts search engine rankings and improves online visibility, leading to more customers discovering the brand.
  3. Testimonials and reviews: Studies have shown that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust personal recommendations. Furthermore, 73% of customers are more likely to purchase after reading positive customer reviews. This indicates the immense power and influence of testimonials and reviews in influencing brand awareness and consumer behavior. What better place to gather testimonials and show them to potential customers than on your website?!

3. Invest in a website to IMPROVE CUSTOMERS SERVICE

Studies have shown that customer service is important in retention and loyalty.

As customer expectations increase, businesses must provide personalized experiences and ensure customer inquiries and complaints are efficiently and effectively heard and resolved.


A study from Deloitte found that 89% of consumers are influenced by the level of customer service when shopping for products or services. Additionally, research indicates that 86% of customers are willing to pay more if they receive exceptional customer service.

Invest in a website to improve customer service

Your website improves customer service and provides a better user experience. Here are some ways in which the website does that:


  1. Your website is accessible 24/7, so customers can get information and support outside your regular business hours.

  2. You can offer self-service options like FAQ pages, product guides, manuals, how-to’s, and tutorials. Customers will appreciate finding answers to their questions quickly and easily.

  3. Your website enables easy customer communication through live chat, contact forms, and social media integration. People expect to be heard, and when satisfied, they enjoy leaving good reviews. Through your website, show your customers that you respect them.

  4. Browsing history, purchase history, and other data provide personalized recommendations and offers. This will build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

  5. If you own an eCommerce website, add order tracking and updates, thus helping customers stay informed. This will reduce customer frustration and improve their overall experience.

Excellent customer service and better user experience lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

4. Invest in a website to use it as the FREE MARKETING TOOL

Once built, your website can be the best tool for free marketing, thus bringing more new customers and increasing your profit. You can conduct three types of free marketing strategies through your website.

Social media for free internet marketing
  1. Social media: Connecting your website with social media effectively increases brand awareness and gains new customers. Social media gives you direct access to a large and engaged audience. Creating interesting, valuable, and relevant content is vital, as it will encourage users to follow and interact with the brand while giving them something they want to talk about. Additionally, linking your website to social media allows users to easily find more information about your products or services, thus increasing your brand’s visibility and exposure.
  2. Email marketing: according to 2021. report by Campaign Monitor, the global average email marketing conversion rate across all industries is around 17.4%. Effective campaigns can increase conversions by up to 40%, putting email marketing at the very top of all marketing tools. Each time you have a new product, service, or other promotion, your email list will be an invaluable tool. Even if you don’t have news, sending smartly written emails will remind your customers of your brand, thus increasing their loyalty.
  3. Referral marketing: By encouraging satisfied customers to share your website with their friends and family, you can generate word-of-mouth marketing and increase your website’s traffic and sales.

5. Invest in a website to SAVE TIME AND ENERGY

Your time is probably the most precious resource you have. A well-designed and content-rich website will save you time, nerves, and energy.

When is it time to invest in a website redesign - best tips

Here is how a website works for you in that area:

  1. Automating tasks: Your website can automate many routine tasks, such as processing orders, sending order confirmations and tracking information, and sending email newsletters. This can help free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business.

  2. Providing information and support: By providing a detailed FAQ page and other self-service options on your website (manuals, guides, descriptions, etc.), you can reduce the number of customer inquiries and support requests you need to handle directly.

  3. Streamlining communication: Your website can enable easy communication with your customers through live chat, contact forms, and social media integration, thus consolidating all customer communication through one channel.

  4. Tracking and analytics: By installing free analytical plugins on your website, you’ll gain valuable insights into traffic, user behavior, and other crucial key success metrics. This can help you make data-driven decisions and save time that would otherwise be spent on guesswork or trial-and-error.

Why are websites so expensive?

Websites can often be expensive due to the work and expertise that goes into creating a successful business website, maintaining it, and positioning it on the first pages in SERP (SEO).

Money making web site - uspešan web sajt koji zaradjuje

Website design and development require various skills, including:

  • coding
  • graphic design
  • SEO
  • content writing
  • analysis
  • marketing
  • psychology.

Additionally, business websites must be cared for and regularly maintained to remain effective and secure. All of these tasks require time and expertise, which is why website development can often be costly.

A website hosting service charges businesses from $30 to several hundred dollars

In addition to the development cost, business websites also require hosting services, which can add to the overall cost. Hosting services are necessary to keep your business website running smoothly and securely.
Investing in quality hosting services is integral to business website maintenance and will help ensure your business website remains effective and successful.

The price of hosting services shouldn’t stop you to invest in a website. Here are the three cheapest hostings with good service, which we highly recommend:

  1. Cheapname hosting, starting at $24/year
  2. A2 shared hosting, starting at $36/year
  3. Bluehost, starting at $35/year

How much should you invest in a website?

When you invest in a website, you’ll have one-time and yearly expenses.

  • A one-time investment is building a website.
  • Annually, you’ll have to pay for hosting, domain, website maintenance, SEO, and digital marketing.

We recommend starting small if you are on a tight budget. Find a freelancer to design and build a several-page website, buy an affordable domain name, and purchase cheap hosting.

As your business grows, invest more money into your website – invest more, and it will return many times.

Affordable WordPress website design - What does the price of a website depend on

Prices of designing and developing new, custom-made websites go from several dozens to thousands of dollars.

If you don’t have a website, we recommend starting by investing in our 3-page website package, starting at $60.

If you want to invest in a website that will rank high and be much more than just a digital ID, we provide high-quality, affordable WordPress website design packages starting at $200.

As for care and maintenance, you shouldn’t invest more than several hundred dollars annually. Check our Website care packages starting at $10.

One website for multiple businesses

If you don’t have enough money to start independently, the good idea is to partner with someone and create one site for multiple businesses.

To invest in a website, you can partner with businesses from the same niche or companies from different niches. The second option is better, especially if you find companies with a similar target audience.

For example:

  • hair stylists can partner with a nail salon and massage center;
  • gym and fitness centers can partner with organic food stores and supplement eCommerce owners;
  • companies that provide car services can partner and build one website;
  • a lawyer can partner with a real estate agent and notary.
One website for multiple businesses

Benefits of having one website for multiple businesses

There are three major benefits if you make one website for multiple businesses:


  1. Cost Savings: Using a single website for multiple businesses can save you money on hosting, web maintenance, and other expenses associated with maintaining multiple sites.
  2. Reach: Having one website means that your products and services are exposed to more potential customers, allowing you to reach a broader market than if you had separate websites.
  3. Consistent Spending: With a single website, you can more easily budget and plan your spending on SEO and top rank, thus ensuring high quality and exposure to multiple markets.

Is it worth investing in a website?

Yes, it is worth investing in a website. Statistical data, studies, and numerous everyday examples support this claim.


Without a website, businesses can’t build credibility, streamline communication, save time and energy, and utilize free marketing tools.


While some initial costs may seem frightening, the benefits and return on investment make it worthwhile for all businesses.


If you want your business to survive, grow, and thrive in modern and competitive markets, you must invest in a website.

Why invest in a website – 5 absolute “MUSTs” for success Read More »

Affordable eCommerce SEO – starting at $25 -best offer 2024

Affordable eCommerce SEO is a great asset for online stores with a tight budget!

E-commerce SEO is the 100% guaranteed (and free) method to drive more organic traffic to your website.


SEO will also boost visibility, resulting in higher conversion rates, more sales, and ultimately, higher profit for you. That is your ultimate goal, right?


So, keep reading and find out all you need to know in 2024. to finally reach the coveted first page in SERP.

(6-minute read)


Not a patient person?

 👇Go to the most affordable eCommerce SEO packages👇

Affordable eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

If you don’t have an SEO strategy for your eCommerce website, you risk falling into obscurity and losing out on valuable customers, leaving sales stagnant and your business in jeopardy.


Poor eCommerce SEO practices can even result in penalties from search engines like Google, putting your reputation and visibility at serious risk.


Don’t let these horrors come to life!

Ensure your eCommerce website is correctly optimized for search engines using the latest techniques.

Affordable eCommerce SEO services

Our affordable eCommerce SEO services include:


  • SEO-optimizing product descriptions,
  • writing high-ranking SEO products descriptions
  • thorough keyword research,
  • deep analysis of your competitors,
  • improving images,
  • taking user experience to the next level,
  • brand management, 
  • design modernization.

Combined, these techniques can make a massive difference in improving visibility and driving sales for your online store – all while keeping costs low!

Affordable eCommerce SEO packages


The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package




$ 25

500 words
Up to 3 products
3 top-ranking keywords
3 Competitors researched
Headings per product: 3
Bullet points per product: 5
A short description optimized
Long description fully SEO

Perfect for very small online stores.

Revisions: 1

Delivery time: 2 days


Standard WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 260 usd

1500 WORDS


7% discount

$ 70

1500 words
Up to 7 products
20 top-ranking keywords
3 Competitors researched
Headings per product: 3
Bullet points per product: 5
A short description optimized
Long description fully SEO

Ideal to bring your winners to the top

Revisions: 2

Delivery time: 3 days


The most affordable eCommerce website package Premium price $720

5000 WORDS


12% discount

$ 220

5000 words
Up to 15 products
30 top-ranking keywords
5 Competitors researched
Headings per product: 5
Bullet points per product: 7
A short description optimized
Long description fully SEO

For serious, proven eCommerce sites

Revisions: 3

Delivery time: 5 days

You’ll be redirected to Fiverr – one of the best and safest platforms for hiring SEO experts.


You’ll pay after we deliver as promised and you approve of our work,

hopefully leaving another 5-star review, as dozens of other clients did.


Please, check what previous clients say about our work.

Benefits you'll get with our affordable eCommerce SEO services

Products on the first page
for analyzed keywords

Product images in the top
photo searches

Enticing short descriptions
as bullet points to glue
visitors to the product page

eCommerce SEO services and results

Significant profit increase

Highly-converting & detailed
product descriptions that truly sell

Improved Google Business
Profile visibility

Boost in sales
by over 30%

Products on the first SERP pages

Each eCommerce SEO-optimized product will reach top rank in several months, depending on the competitiveness of your niche.

You’ll get eCommerce SEO that guarantees successful recognition by search engines, resulting in a high ranking.

Enticing short descriptions

Statistics show that shoppers spend an average of 15-20 seconds reading a short product description before deciding whether or not to leave the website.

We can write for you compelling short descriptions that will keep visitors glued to your online store.

Higly-converting product descriptions

The survey by Myuro found that customers were 2.6 times more likely to purchase a product when the description was detailed.

You invested a lot of money into your eCommerce website.

Don’t waste your investment with poor product descriptions that do not entice! Let us describe your products with high-converting content.

Sale boost of more than 30%

After the products’ SEO shows the effect and you gain more traffic, with powerful short, and detailed product descriptions, purchases will start pouring in.

The goal of increasing sales by 30%, 40%, or even 50% will be accomplished.

You can see that comprehensive and clear product descriptions can positively affect your customers’ purchasing decisions. Not only does this help customers make informed decisions, but it also maximizes your sales potential.


So, if you want to succeed in today’s competitive eCommerce market, investing in writing and optimizing product descriptions is a must.

Let’s boost your sales with our affordable eCommerce SEO services.

Affordable eCommerce SEO – starting at $25 -best offer 2024 Read More »

When is it time to invest in a website redesign -5 best tips

Over 85% of all purchases and new partnerships start with internet browsing. If your website is not modern, engaging, and SEO, it will hurt your business more than you realize. When is it time to invest in the website redesign? After reading our 5-minute article, you will know the answer to the question.

When is it time to invest in a website redesign

When is it time to invest in a website redesign - best tips

What is a website redesign?

A website redesign revamps an existing website to give it a new look and feel to improve user experience, attract more traffic, increase conversions, and ultimately achieve the website’s goal.

What is website redesign and when it is time to perform it

There are eight major activities included in website redesign:

  1. Making improvements to the overall layout and design of the website by following current trends and market niche practices.
  2. Updating content to ensure it is relevant, well-written, and engaging.
  3. Adjusting branding elements to align them with customer needs and expectations.
  4. Integrating third-party applications and new functionalities currently available.
  5. Enhancing user experience by optimizing for mobile devices and browsers.
  6. Optimizing images and videos for faster loading time on webpages.
  7. Removing distractions and obsolete elements such as pop-ups (proven to be irritating and bad for speed), animations, sliders, etc.
  8. Improving SEO practices to gain higher ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Consequences of the outdated website design

If your website is not modern and beautifully designed, there are unavoidable and severe consequences for you, your business, and your goals.

Consequences of the outdated website design

Here are some facts confirmed in practice you should be aware of:

  • In under 3 seconds, people judge the credibility of a website, deciding whether to stay or leave. Remember, you can make the first impression only once!
  • The obsolete website design reflects poorly on your brand.
  • Without an aesthetically pleasing interface, easy navigation, modern images, and unique content, potential customers won’t be confident to explore, even less to convert into new, loyal customers.
  • The more visitors leave your website quickly, without exploring it, the lower your ranking will be. Your website will plunge into internet limbo.
  • 95% of all internet traffic happens on the first page of the search results. Your business will become invisible when your website loses top ranking.
  • Outdated design can put users at risk. Hackers will gain access to confidential information if your website doesn’t have the latest security protocols.

Are you convinced it is time to consider whether this is the right moment to invest in the website redesign?

7 questions each website owner should answer

Do you want a successful website that works for your business and helps you achieve goals?

To have a successful website you must satisfy both robots and people

If your answer is “Yes,” then ask yourself these seven questions once a year:

  1. Is your current website more than three years old?
  2. Are visitor numbers decreasing?
  3. Are bouncing rates rising?
  4. Are competitors’ websites more alluring?
  5. Does my website look more beautiful on desktops than on mobiles?
  6. Is it difficult for me to add new content?
  7. Is my website just a digital ID instead of a strong strategic “partner”?

If the answer to ANY of these questions is “YES”, please, check these 5 tips to determine the right time to invest in a website redesign.

5 ultimate tips to determine if it is time for a redesign of your website

The world of the internet is changing rapidly. You’ll be forgotten, overlooked, and unsuccessful if you don’t follow changes. There are five ultimate tips to help you decide if the time to invest in your website redesign is now.

You don’t have to hire anyone to evaluate your website design objectively and decide if it is time to redesign your website. Just consider it from five angles:

  1. Goals and wishes
  2. Google Analytics metrics
  3. Competitors
  4. Design on mobiles
  5. New content

Tip no 1: Your goals and wishes

Twice a year remind yourself about your goals when you build your website. Compare the current state with it. If unsatisfied, it might be time for the website redesign.

Should you invest in a website redesign

Why did you pay someone to build your website? You spent time, money, and energy on that. We are sure you had a goal then. What about now? Does your website reflect your wishes? Does it work for your goals?


An effective website should be able to adjust and adapt as the goals of the business change. This can be achieved by combining design, content, and optimization techniques.

  • Content should be regularly updated to reflect changes in the business.
  • Design elements should be carefully chosen to give visitors an idea of what they can expect from your product or service.
  • Optimization techniques such as search engine indexing and responsive design will ensure that visitors can find your site no matter their device.

Design evolves monthly. After 2-3 years, your website design becomes obsolete. The number of visitors declines, and conversion rates decrease.

Ultimately, a website that evolves with the business will help attract more customers and drive successful outcomes, leading to goal achievement.

Tip no 2: Follow Google Analytics metrics

Once a month, spend 5 minutes and check several crucial Google Analytics metrics. Let the data speak.

Which tool helps you measure website success metrics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can help evaluate website design, usability, and performance. It provides insights into how users interact with the website and which features are popular. It also tracks page views, time spent on each page, and other metrics. 


GA data can be used to identify areas of improvement in design or user experience.

Six Google Analytics metrics can help determine whether a website design is outdated.

  1. Page views,
  2. Engagement time per page,
  3. Bounce rates,
  4. Click-through rates on calls-to-action and forms,
  5. Conversions,
  6. Number of mobile visitors.

If the listed metrics steadily decline, it is time to redesign your website. (Along with the redesign, SEO optimization should be performed, also).

Tip no 3: Monitor 3-5 competitors' websites

Quarterly, check the websites of your competitors. If you have time, take several screenshots and put them into a folder with a date on the photo. Compare previous and current designs to your website.

Tip no 4: Check the design on mobiles and tablets

Now is the moment to check your website on small screens. Ask friends if they prefer your website on desktops or mobiles. If the feedback is positive, you are ok. If your website isn’t more beautiful and user-friendly on mobiles, it’s time for the website redesign.

3 examples of non-responsive (left) and responsive (right) website designs

You should pay close attention to trends in mobile website design, as more and more people are turning to their smartphones and tablet for daily activities such as searching for information and goods online.


By 2024, mobile devices will account for over two-thirds of all internet searches worldwide. As a result, you should ensure your website provides a user experience that meets the needs and expectations of your target customers. Additionally, focus on providing optimized content for mobile users in terms of speed and relevance to remain competitive and drive more customers to your website.


By 2024, online sales will account for nearly 25% of total retail sales worldwide. And 2/3 of that number will happen on mobile devices and tablets.


If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you will lose thousands of dollars because your website will have a poor ranking and low conversion rates.


The only way to stay competitive in the rapidly changing digital economy is to have a modern, updated website design.

Tip no 5: New content and website design

Twice a month, you should add new content to your website (and update an old one). If this is not easy from the technical aspect, you should invest in a website redesign.

As of August 2022. Google puts new, original content as the number one ranking factor. Having fresh, unique, user-friendly, and engaging content is a must.


Ok, so you agree with that, but it is very difficult for you to upload or change anything. If that is the case, it’s time to invest in a website redesign.


Modern websites, especially ones built on WordPress, are easy to manage, even for non-technical, non-programming owners. After only 30-minute coaching, you’ll easily add fresh content, thus maintaining your high ranking, enticing more traffic, and increasing conversions.

Website redesign goals

A website redesign can help you achieve your goals and unlock new opportunities for success, from improved usability and brand identity to increased traffic and conversions.


Check below all the goals and benefits you’ll have from the website redesign.

Overall success

The modern design increases the chances of fulfilling your goals.

An outdated website design will drive away potential customers and decrease brand trust. An obsolete website, with little to no content, will miss conversion opportunities.

You should build a solid online presence with engaging and optimized content and modern design, visually pleasing for visitors.

Enhanced brand identity

A well-designed website gives visitors (your potential customers) a positive first impression of your brand.

Your powerful online brand identity will be established by redesigning your website, and creating an engaging and professional look that resonates with customers, improves user experience, and increases visibility in search engine results pages (SERP).

Increased conversions

Updating content regularly on your site is essential for ranking higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Obsolete websites risk being passed over by search engines in favor of more current pages from competitors. That leads to lower conversion rates from organic traffic sources. Stay ahead in the search engine game and keep visitors returning for more.


 Since 2022. over 50% of your target audience uses smartphones or tablets instead of PCs or laptops to search the web. A mobile-friendly version of your site is essential, as both Google and humans now penalize non-mobile compatible sites. Redesigning or creating a responsive version of your website can ensure both desktop & mobile viewers have access to the same great experience visiting your page!

Improved website UX

A good web design should be customer-centric and make it easier for visitors to find what they want.

Redesigning your site with improved navigation, enticing CTAs, and easy-to-understand content can ensure that users quickly understand what you offer and why they need it.

Website redesign checklist

If you’re considering a website redesign, here’s a checklist of things to consider and questions you should answer:


  1. Define Your Goals: What do you want your website to achieve? What is your primary goal with a website? Why did you invest money in building it?
  2. Have A Design Strategy: How will the design, content, and user experience contribute to those goals? Consult with experts in the field. Check your competitors.
  3. Establish Brand Identity: How do you want your brand to be perceived? Which emotions do you want your potential customers to develop when visiting your website?
  4. Understand User Needs And Preferences: What type of content and features should be included on the site? You might find our article “50 ways to improve a website” helpful.
  5. Research Functionality & Usability Requirements: Which technologies and platforms should be used for optimal performance and usability? What do your customers need? Which problems will you solve for them?
  6. Develop A Visual Language: How can design, layout, images, and text be used to reflect the intended brand identity and message?
  7. Validate The Final Design With Users Through Testing And Reviews: Make sure that the end result is something that users are comfortable with and can interact with easily.




Do not go through this checklist alone. First, choose a designer, then plan your website redesign together. Most importantly, open your mind to advice your designer will give. Trust their expertise and experience – that is why you hired them, right?

Average cost of website redesign

affordable wordpress website design prices to invest in a website

The average cost of a website redesign in 2023. is estimated to range from $200 – $25,000, depending on the complexity of the website.

The following factors impact the cost of a website redesign:

  • number of pages,
  • functionalities
  • design requirements,
  • third-party integrations

Secondly, costs associated with content migration, SEO optimization, and ongoing maintenance should also be factored in.

Finally, to ensure a successful launch, you may also devote resources towards developing a good marketing strategy for your redesigned website.

Affordable website redesign packages

Affordable WordPress website design - What does the price of a website depend on

Don’t be frightened by the amount of money required to redesign a website.

You can redesign some pages on your website even if you don’t have enough money. Prioritizing certain pages and redesigning them first could be a great way to get the most out of a limited budget.

You can focus on pages most important to driving conversions or improving user experience.


Alternatively, you can opt for smaller changes such as updating existing content, freshening the design, or optimizing images to improve performance. Small-scale changes may not require as much money, but they can still positively impact your website’s success.


Our website redesign packages are based on the number of pages you want to improve.

There are three affordable website redesign packages we offer. You can choose one of these three packages:

  1. Basic for only $40,
  2. Standard for $180, 
  3. Premium for $320.

Website redesign prices and content

Basic package

$ 40

The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package



1 Page/Product redesigned

SEO optimized for 1 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 3 days

Standard package

$ 180

(10% discount)

Standard WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 260 usd



5 Pages/Products redesigned

SEO optimized for 5 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 7 days

Premium package


(20% discount)

Premium WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 340 usd



10 Page/Product redesigned

SEO optimized for 1 keyword

Responsive UX redesign


Delivery time: 14 days



When is it time to invest in a website redesign?


One sentence answer is:


If your website doesn’t work for your goals and dreams, the time for a redesign was yesterday.


By investing several hundred dollars today, you’ll experience a high return on investment in less than a year.

So, don’t wait, and good luck!

When is it time to invest in a website redesign -5 best tips Read More »

Affordable WordPress Website Design Packages -Best in 2024

WordPress website design packages

WordPress website design packages

✓  Custom design on WordPress

✓  100% satisfaction rate

✓  Extra fast delivery

✓  High conversions

✓  Fixed prices

✓  Top rank

✓  SEO

Affordable, highly successful, and top-rated WordPress website design packages starting at $200

Affordable website design packages - Prices $200-$340

Plus a discount for the Standard and Premium gig

$ 200
The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package

5 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 5 days

Number of revisions: 1

Content upload

Responsive design

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

$ 260

Standard WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 260 usd

-7% discount

7 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 7 days

Number of revisions: 2

Content upload

Responsive design

15 custom asset designs

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

$ 340

Premium WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 340 usd

-15% discount

10 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 10 days

Number of revisions: 3

Content upload

Responsive design

15 custom asset designs

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

Additional WordPress web design package services

What else can you get with web design packages?

Besides listed Website design services, you can choose one or more extras. 


Additional services and prices:

  • Additional revision: +$50 (and 2 days extra)
  • Extra-fast delivery: +$50
  • Additional asset design: +$5
  • Google Business Profile (ex Google my Business): +$50
  • Yelp profile: +$50
  • Trust Pilot profile for reviews: +$50
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console installation: +$50

Benefits of our WordPress website design packages


eCommerce website packages for unique online stores

Let your imagination thrive. Adjust desired design to fit your customers’ expectations perfectly. Together, we’ll build an exceptional digital ID for your professional goals.


eCommerce website packages affordable prices

Starting at $200, with the Premium WordPress website design package at $340, this will be one of the best investments ever. Our WordPress website design packages are among the most affordable.


eCommerce website packages for the best investment

You’ll make one of the best investments by purchasing one of our WordPress website design packages. After several months the ROI will skyrocket.


eCommerce website packages with high conversion rate

It is not enough to position a website at the top and bring traffic to it. We’ll design and build your site to convert visitors to loyal customers.


eCommerce website packages for top ranked web shops

We’ll find optimal keywords and help you reach the first page in SERP. With our on-page SEO, in less than nine months, you can be on the first page of Google.

WordPress web design packages include...

There are three packages, each including a specific number of web pages. Each WordPress web design package includes the following:

  1. Custom-made design
  2. Competitors analysis
  3. Keywords analysis
  4. Advice for top ranking (video or online consultation up to 30 minutes)
  5. Content upload
  6. Plugin installation (for functionalities of your choosing)
  7. Training to add content by yourself
  8. Custom asset design (image improvements and processing in Photoshop)

The best WordPress web design package for you

How to choose the best web design package for your goals?

The best WordPress website design packages

How to choose the optimal package for your business or portfolio?

We recommend you base your decision on two factors:


  1. The amount of content you plan to present to website visitors
  2. The position you would like to achieve in search results

The more content you have (or plan to acquire) and the higher rank you desire, the more extensive website you need.

Small business website packages

Service-based small businesses

We recommend the Premium WordPress design package for small businesses, especially if you have multiple services.

Based on more than 100 sites analyzed, we know that each small business service should be described on a separate web page. For SEO, it is highly beneficial if each service has a link in the Main navigation menu.

One-person small businesses

For startups and one-person businesses, Basic is the optimal package. As your small business grows, you’ll add content, pages, posts. and functionalities. Your new small business website (or portfolio) will have the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Contact
  • Galery
  • Products/services

Established small businesses (with a history)

If you have multiple products or services and have at least several years of experience in the field, your ideal choice would be the Standard package.


Besides five “must have” pages, you should present testimonials, reviews, awards, achievements, etc.

The growth of any small business largely depends on trust. Do not be modest; show your expertise and brilliant track record. For better ranking, use both texts and images.


Adding videos, an FAQ section, and an online chat will dramatically increase the success of your website.

Also, the more pages your website has, the more keywords will be targeted and ranked.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress design package

Tips to choose the best WordPress website design package

Here are some valuable tips to choose an ideal WordPress design package:

  • If uncertain now, the best option is to start small and add web pages and posts later. We recommend you start with a Basic website design package – price $200, 5 web pages.
  • Another smaller and cheaper option is A three-page website, starting at $60.
  • If you want to sell online, we offer three great, affordable eCommerce packages starting at $240.

Lastly, maybe you’ll find helpful our internal statistics:

Over 70% of our clients started with a 7-page website (Standard WordPress website package) and added content and functionalities later.

Guarantees for WordPress development packages delivery

Guarantees for WordPress development packages delivery

If this is the first or second website you supervise, you probably have these three most common doubts:

  1. What guarantees do you have that you will get what you paid for?
  2. How can you be sure that your money is invested safely?
  3. Can you be confident about the deadline?

So, let’s address these three concerns.

  1. Delivery: Testimonials and reviews from our clients are the best proof that our delivery will be flawless and fully in line with your expectations and wishes.
  2. Money safety: We don’t receive any money when you purchase one of our WordPress development packages. Only when we deliver the promised website and when you revise it and approve it will Fiverr (check their Safety policy) transfer the money to our account. The second (or better to say: from our perspective, the first) layer of guarantees is the power of your review. Freelancers are hired based on reviews. Your 5-star testimonial is more important than the money we’ll earn. Finally, we offer a refund.
  3. Deadline: We’ve never exceeded the deadline. As said, your review and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.

Still not convinced?

Please, drop us a message or schedule an online meeting to discuss our WordPress development packages and any concerns you have.

The success of the WordPress websites we create

What is a successful website? In our opinion, it is a website that doesn’t cost you too much (money, energy, and time) and works for you. Depending on your goals, success is measured by:

  • number of sales (for eCommerce websites)
  • organic visits
  • conversions
  • impact and influence on visitors.
To have a successful website you must satisfy both robots and people

All our WordPress website design and development packages include a DIY video or 30-minute consultation.

The goal is to show you not just how to upload or change content, but how to add content that will help you achieve your goal.



What are the most important ranking factors?

  • Since 2022, Google has put content (originality, value, and structure) as the most crucial ranking factor.
  • The second factor is SEO – how content is presented to search engine robots.
  • Then, speed, navigation, and depth come.

Design is not as important as many clients think. At least, it is not crucial for bringing the traffic. The design is somewhat responsible for conversions.


Based on our experience, you’ll probably have some ideas about how your website should look. We’ll incorporate your wishes into each web design package. Adding our knowledge of SEO, development structure, and smooth functionalities integration, we aim to build a successful website (from your point of view).

Web design packages examples

To better understand the term web design package, please check reviews of our previous clients. There, you’ll find screenshots and links to custom-built websites after they chose one of our web design packages.

If those examples are not enough, please get in touch with us. We will provide ideas for your new website and prices for each package.

What is the process after purchasing one of our WordPress design packages?

After you purchase one of our WordPress design packages, there are 8 global phases with 14 steps in total,  (steps 1 and 6 are “yours”, the rest is our work):

1) You provide:

  • access to WordPress or cPanel;
  • logo, fonts, colors, wireframes, sketches, or links to websites you like
  • texts and media for upload

2) Content improvement and SEO advice

3) Design and development

4) Plugins installation

5) Delivery

6) Revision

7) Final adjustments

8) Payment

You’ll decide how involved you want to be. Most clients prefer to give us directions and return to their daily routines. Some want to be involved in the design and development steps. We’ll adjust our work to your wishes.

Our goal is to deliver a website that you’ll consider successful.

Website development packages FAQs

FAQ page will bring traffic to a website

A custom-made WordPress design is a unique look for the new website based on your wishes and goals.


We usually build websites on the free WordPress theme Astra, which allows us (you and us) to let our imaginations fly.

To better understand possibilities and unlimited options, please check our previous work.

Clients usually have one or several websites they like, or they make sketches and wireframes.

You can send us links and all ideas (written or/and drawn), and we’ll create your website tailor-made for you based on your wishes.

Our price for WordPress design and development packages goes from $60 up to $340.

Each website design package includes designing and developing web pages. Based on the package you choose, the number of pages goes from 3-10.

Each package includes:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Contact

Additional pages depend on your preferences and goals.

No, we do not recommend you spend any money purchasing professional themes. There are two reasons for that:

  • Any design can be achieved with free themes. We use Astra, the theme installed on one million websites. Astra allows us to build completely unique websites.
  • Purchased themes are “heavy” – they significantly affect speed, thus lowering your SEO ranking score. Also, they have limitations for design and plugins that can be installed, thus limiting the functionality of your website.

If you find a theme you like, send us a link, and we’ll design your website based on it, but without using the theme.

Yes, you can. We can help you choose a domain name and hosting package. If you need, we’ll guide you through purchasing and activating your website.


After we complete the project, the domain and hosting remain in your possession.

Yes, each package includes SEO advice. While developing the website, we’ll implement SEO best practices. We provide videos or consultations to teach you how to write content for the web.

Yes, you will. We build websites with the Elementor tool. It provides drag-and-drop options for adding content that is intuitive and doesn’t require programming skills. We’ll teach you how to change content without messing up the website.

  • Each WordPress web design package includes the following:
    Main pages (Homepage, About, and Contact)
  • Additional pages based on the package
  • Main navigation Menu (sticky on all screens for excellent user experience)
  • Footer designed based on your wishes.

Yes, each package includes plugins installation and setup that will allow different functions.

To start designing your new WordPress website, we’ll need access to your hosting dashboard or cPanel.
If you have one, you can provide a logo, favorite colors, and fonts.
If not, we’ll explore best practices in your niche.

We’ll need some information about your goals and desires for the development phase.

If you have a design wireframe or sketches, please provide them to help us better understand your taste.

Each web design package has 1-3 revisions included.

  • Basic has 1 revision
  • Standard has two revisions
  • Premium has three revisions

When the website is delivered, you have 48 hours to check if there is anything you dislike and want to be improved.


You can send your demand via Fiverr Messages, you can record a video and send it via email, or we can schedule an online meeting to discuss changes.

Depending on your time and management style, you may check our progress daily, or wait for the delivery.


Based on our experience, the best results are achieved if the client lets us work and waits for our questions and further instructions.

If you used all revisions covered by a package, you can reach out to us with your requirements. We’ll make a new custom offer.


If changes are minor, or you need further guidance to make them yourself, we’ll be happy to consult and help.


If you “break” the website or change something you didn’t plan, don’t hesitate to contact us via Fiverr messages or email, and we’ll help.

When we deliver the website, we ask clients whether they want to have the Admin or Editor (limited) access to a website.

  • Administrators can change everything, thus increasing the chances of messing up.
  • Editors can change texts, images, and web page sections, without touching the code.

Before we deliver the website, we’ll install the free Backup plugin that periodically makes backup copies. We’ll show you how to reset the website to a previous version.

If we skipped something and you need more information, please get in touch with us.


If you are uncertain that our packages cover your wishes and goals, please request a quote.

On the link, you’ll find a form with several questions – no typing needed, just check boxes and yes/no answers.

Only four fields are mandatory, the rest is up to you – the more information we have, the more precise the website design package price we’ll provide.


Check our WordPress website design packages and start building your brand.

Affordable WordPress Website Design Packages -Best in 2024 Read More »

3 Page Website for Small Business: Starting at $60

3 page website for you

Izrada sajtova cene povoljne za preduzetnike, mali biznis i CV portfolio

Designing and building SEO small websites for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and people at the beginning of the professional journey.

Make your best investment this year

Order a 3 page website for your small business or portfolio and start building your brand. Fully SEO; your perfect digital ID.

Price: $60-$190

(Check our 3 offers)

Do you know that over 85% of business deals start with an internet search? Your future clients, customers, partners, and employers will google you before they call, email, or buy from you.

You are invisible if you don’t have a beautiful, modern website. You can make the first impression only once.

Don’t disappoint.

Start using the power of the internet to achieve your goals.

The best time to start SEO is yesterday

Prices of 3-page website packages



The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package
You provide text and image

Responsive design
Custom & unique website
Number of pages: 3
Revisions: 1

Delivery time: 3 days



The most affordable small business care plan - standard
You provide text, we provide images

Responsive design
Custom & unique website
Number of pages: 3
Revisions: 1
Custom asset design: 9

Delivery time: 5 days



The most affordable small business care plan - premium

We write text, and provide images

Responsive design
Custom & unique website
Number of pages: 3
Revisions: 1
Custom asset design: 15

Delivery time: 7 days

When you order, you’ll be redirected to Fiverr – one of the best freelance platforms in the world.

Your money will be fully protected by Fiverr’s policies.

You’ll pay after we deliver your brand new beautiful 3-page small business website.

Build a 3 page website for small business on WordPress

How much a 3 page website cost and what's included

The price of the 3-page website goes from $60 to $190. We provide three packages:

  1. BASIC – designing and building a 3-page WordPress website with the upload of your content (texts, images, graphics, videos, and other media content). The price is $60.
  2. STANDARD – designing, building, and SEO optimizing a WordPress website with your content and our images. Or we can improve and Photoshop your images. This package includes a free consultation to help you write texts like a pro. The price is $90.
  3. PREMIUM – the turn-key option. You can send us links to website designs you like, your logo, colors and fonts you prefer, and links to your social media profile, where we can find content to write SEO texts for your three web pages. Send us some texts describing your products and services if you feel like it. We’ll write content and find images and other media content to build a unique, responsive, memorable website for you. The price is $190.

Our article “Writing for the web” will be beneficial if you choose the Basic or Standard gig.

If you have physical products, use our guidelines from the article “How to write SEO product description.”

Benefits you'll have with our 3 page sites

Icon - building a brand

Build your brand

A website is a best and cheapest way to start building a brand. Also, having feedback from your customers will further establish you as a trustworthy business.

Icon - beat competition

Beat competitors

Your competitors are already on the internet. Join the fight. Your 3 page website is enough for a start. You’ll expand later.

Icon - high return on investment

High ROI

How much is one new customer worth to you? Investing $60, $90, or $190 will return in less than a month. Is there a better way to spend money?

Icon - save time and energy

Save time and energy

By choosing the turn-key option (the Premium Gig), in a week, you’ll have a live, unique and beautiful 3 page website without investing more than an hour of your time.

Icon - expand your reach

Expand your reach

First, we’ll SEO optimize your new, 3 page website for local searches. Later, you can reach any market in the world and bring traffic and new customers.

What is a website page (in plain language)

A website page (in plain language) is all content one finds while scrolling one internet address.

You are on a different web page when you click a link and go to a new address (URL).


The Homepage is one page of the website; Another page is the About us; the third might be the Shop page, etc. When you scroll to the end of this article, you’ll reach the end of one web page. If you click on any link in the meantime, you’ll land on another web page.


Examples of website pages
Examples of 3 website pages


There are long and short web pages, depending on how much content one can see without changing the internet address.

Sometimes a web page has more content – that is a long, or rich, page. One must go through multiple screens to reach the bottom of it.

Short web pages are usually Contact and Landing pages.

What is a 3 page website

A three-page website is a minimal, “basic” site any business should start with. There are websites with tens of thousands of pages. Examples of the largest websites are Google, Amazon, Etsy, YouTube, Facebook.


Small businesses usually have up to 10 pages unless they have a blog or a web shop.


The more unique content a website has, the better its Google ranking and general Domain Authority are.


No matter how big a website we build, we always start with a 3-page sub-project. Depending on the client, usually, we expand to other pages and add more content.


3 page website should provide general information about a company or a person. A new visitor should understand each page’s purpose in less than 3 seconds. 

3 types of web pages - What are the three web pages every website should have

Three types of web pages “mandatory” on any website are:

  1. Homepage
  2. About (with services and products you provide)
  3. Contact
Best Homepage designs with a text on the left

The Homepage is the most visited page on the internet. There are great and bad homepages.


Guidelines for the great Homepage

To have a great Homepage, you should follow these guidelines:

  • The first screen on any device, called the Hero Section, should send two messages in less than 3 seconds: “What is the purpose of the website” and “What will a visitor gain from staying on it“.
  • Use only one memorable call-to-action (CAT) button. Try not to be boring and use “Read more”, “Contact us”, or something similar. Be creative and try to provoke action.
  • Below the Hero section, list all benefits for the visitor. Don’t be modest- show them why they should do business with you. Shortly explain how you’ll make their life better.
  • Answer questions in advance. Lower the risk for the visitor. Make them comfortable to take the next step and click the CAT button.
  • Dissuade all doubts and provide proof of your “greatness”. Put reviews and testimonials (3-5 will suffice).
  • Do not use pop-ups, social media icons, paragraphs about you, or anything else that could distract the visitor from the goal.
  • Never forget: the goal (and only purpose of the Homepage) is to keep the visitors on the website and entice them to click on the CAT button.

Peculiarities of the About us page on a 3-page website

To improve website content replace I with You

On a 3-page website, the About page should be persuasive and informative to convince visitors to buy, cooperate, hire, subscribe, etc.


Following the guidelines below, you’ll achieve the website’s (and yours) goal. Your About page should have 6-7 sections:

  1. Start with the services you provide or products you sell.
  2. List all benefits for website visitors and your competitive advantages.
  3. Explain how you will help, improve, fix, inform, support, etc.
  4. Provide proof for all said (testimonials, reviews).
  5. In the end, tell visitors something about you that might be important- show your expertise and experience.
  6. Don’t forget to tell people what to do next – add a powerful CAT button.

Remember! the About page shouldn’t be about you. It must provoke the desired action – convince visitors that you are the optimal choice for their wishes and problems.

Focus on visitors, not on yourself.

Contact page

Contact email for the ecommerce website designer and SEO expert

The Contact page on the 3 page website is not too different than the same page on large sites. The only difference might be the addition of the FAQ section.

Add an FAQ section at the bottom to save time and build trust. Answer common questions in advance.


Guidelines for the great Contact page:

  • Make the phone and email clickable
  • Add WhatsApp, Telegram, or other messaging tools
  • Embed the Google Map (essential!)
  • Add a contact form, preferably with multiple choices (as easy as possible)
  • Add FAQ section (don’t forget to put the Schema markup for better SEO- the Rank Math free plugin can do that for you)
  • Don’t forget a powerful CAT button. Before it, tell visitors what will happen when they click on it – who will answer, when, and how it will benefit them.

If you have an old, obsolete website or don’t have one at all, start with a small, 3 page website and take the first step in building your brand.


Use our Free website ranking check to determine if your website needs improvements or a redesign.


If you want to improve your small website ranking, our article “50 Ways to improve a website” will help immensely.

Why you need a 3 page website

Small, several-page websites are a necessity in our digital era. Having an internet ID is a must. It is much better to start small than not have a website.


Properly built, designed, and optimized, besides a beautiful digital ID, your 3 page website can serve you for:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Google Ads campaigns
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Google business profile
  • Communication with your customers
  • Getting reviews
  • Getting feedback about your products and services
  • Testing the market for new products and services without investing in an unknown
  • Email campaigns and
  • All digital marketing techniques suitable for your business and goal.

How to create a 3 page website

If you decide to try and create a 3 page website by yourself, here is a step-by-step manual:

  1. Choose the name for your new website. We recommend NameCheap to research domain names. Their Beast mode will help you find a cheap domain name.
  2. Buy domain and hosting. We recommend A2 hosting, Bluehost, or NameCheap.
  3. Using your hosting Dashboard, enter the WordPress Admin panel.
  4. Delete pages and posts already installed.
  5. Go to Settings/Permalinks and choose “Post name”How to build a 3 page website - step 5
  6. Go to Appearance, and delete all themes except one (Twenty Twenty or Twenty Twenty Two).
  7. Install Astra free theme 
  8. Install plugin called Starter Templates — Elementor, WordPress & Beaver Builder Templates (copy bold text and paste into “Add New Plugin”)
    Install free full website templates using plugin Starter Templates — Elementor, WordPress and Beaver Builder Templates
  9. Go to Plugins and install Elementor, WP Fastest Cache, Updraft Plus, and Rank Math SEO – all are free. To find out how to set up plugins, check videos on YouTube.
  10. Start building your website.

Check the 10-minute video “How to Create a Astra Theme WordPress Website with Elementor – Step-by-Step Tutorial for Beginners“.


If you are a beginner, one video won’t be enough. You can find more educational videos on YouTube. Watch as many as possible since a great website needs web design, content writing, SEO, and digital marketing expertise.


We can help with our consultation and coaching. Drop us a message to schedule our first online educational meeting. Check our prices for consultation, coaching, and support.


If you don’t want to learn new skills but plan to spend time doing what you do best (managing business, providing your services, or selling products), purchase one of our gigs on Fiverr and enjoy your new, unique 3 page website in less than a week.

3 Page Website for Small Business: Starting at $60 Read More »