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Website design on WordPress

There are more than 20 million web designers in the world.

How to choose the best one for you?

Check these 9 useful tips to choose the best person for website design on WordPress.

Kako izabrati web sajt dizajnera

9 tips for choosing the best for website design on WordPress

When deciding who will design and build your website, use this 9-point checklist to cover all that’s important for your project:

  1. Legality and reviews
  2. Are there unanswered questions
  3. Portfolio
  4. Response time
  5. Payment options and guarantees
  6. Partner or an executioner
  7. Experience in digital marketing, sales, SEO
  8. What does your gut instinct tell you?
  9. Additional benefits for you
Website design how to Q&A

1 Check the legality and reviews of the website design agency

Check whether you will work with a registered agency or with a freelancer. With a company, you can sign a contract and protect your payments.


If you decide to hire a freelancer, we recommend UpWork or Fiverr. They will protect you against fraud.


Reviews from previous clients are the best judgment tool to evaluate the potential partner for the website design on WordPress. Try to hire website designers with the highest reviews. Preferably, choose a freelancer or an agency with multiple 5-star reviews from different countries and towns.

2 Ask all the questions you have in mind

Keep asking questions until you get all the answers you need. If a person you are communicating with doesn’t give you understandable answers but keeps talking about payments, doesn’t listen, uses technical terms, etc… find another agency or a freelancer.

It is essential to have mutual trust and easy communication.

3 Check previous work

Check the website design on WordPress of the agency or a freelancer you want to hire. Essential parameters to check are speed, responsiveness, and links.

Also, it is vital to examine all industries they have worked in and have deep knowledge about. If the agency or a freelancer doesn’t have an experience in your niche, that doesn’t mean you should reject them. But be cautious and ask them if they are willing to learn.


They will probably dig deep into your niche if their portfolio has projects from multiple industries.

4 Response time and general attitude

In your first query, explain your goal and the market branch you are working in; maybe send 1-3 links to websites you like.


Measure the time it takes them to respond. When they respond, check if they have

  • invested some time to find out more about you,
  • analyzed your competitors, and
  • made a design proposition.

That will show you how important you are to your future partner.

5 Payment options and guarantees

Ask the designer about payments. If you have to pay in advance, which often is the case, ask about guarantees for your money. What happens if you are not satisfied when the job is finished?


Try to negotiate one of these two scenarios:

  1. Paying 10-30% in advance and the rest at the end of the testing phase
  2. Hiring an agency or a freelancer on an hourly basis

The second option is better if you are uncertain about the project scope (which often is the case when managing the design of the first website).

6 Proactive partner or pure executioner


Whether you want a redesign of your old website, or this is your first time hiring someone for the website design on WordPress, you can’t know digital marketing trends, written and intuitive rules, and the difference between a good, successful website and a bad one.


A great web designer should point you in the right direction, give recommendations, and guide you.

If a designer keeps talking in technical terms without explaining and showing, keep looking for a better one.


The best website designers can convert your ideas into unique modern wireframes. They will incorporate your goals into market trends, thus increasing chances for high ranking and exceptional conversion rates.

Your new website will do you no good if it’s stuck on the 36th page in searches or doesn’t convert visitors to paying customers.

7 Experience in digital marketing, SEO, and sales

Check whether the agency or a freelancer has experience in digital marketing, SEO, sales, and customer behavior.


A successful website is more than a design, color, and font type. Your website must support your goals, attract visitors, keep them interested, entice them to work with you, buy from you, learn, hire, and visit you.


To achieve that, you need a designer who knows or has a team member with expertise in marketing and sales.

If you are a small business, we recommend hiring a small business design agency or a freelancer. They will understand you better (and they are cheaper) than large, five-figure design companies.

8 Your instinct

Trust your instinct. Evaluate both a person and his work. Choosing a designer is the same as choosing an accountant or a doctor. You are looking for an expert who will fit your needs, communication, and goals.

It would help if you had someone who would treat you as a person, not as the money bag,  an expert who speaks plain English and truly cares for your problems and desires.

9 Additional benefits and services

Lastly, ask about additional services and benefits you’ll get. Whether you will:

  • have some training to be able to add content,
  • get advice on how to choose photos, write texts,
  • gain access to monitor the website’s traffic,
  • get links and manuals for valuable lessons, courses, and tips.

If we can assist in your quest for the best website design on WordPress, please contact us, and we will help.

Why are we your perfect choice for the website design on WordPress?

We have the same goal: to win on the market you are doing your business in and expand to new markets.

Perfect match for website design on WordPress

Nine-step checklist applied to us (a little bit about us):

At Promise, we prioritize your needs. Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

  • A registered company specializing in website design, SEO, and content writing.
  • Experienced professionals have gained knowledge in design, SEO, writing, sales, marketing, online sales, export, B2B processes, customers’ behavior, etc., since 2003.
  • Prompt responses to all questions you may have via email.
  • No upfront payments – we believe in building trust and delivering results first.
  • A contract that protects your invested time, photos, content, and money for your peace of mind.
  • The option to hire our CEO, Natasa, via UpWork, where you’ll be fully protected through their platform.
  • Extensive research on your competitors, market trends, best practices, keywords, and best sellers in your niche before we begin designing your website.
  • Understanding the challenges businesses like yours face and the commitment to help you achieve your goals.
  • A modern, user-friendly, and SEO website design on WordPress that meets your needs and helps you succeed.

In short, we’re here to put your needs first and work with you toward achieving your goals.

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