Agencija za web dizajn - kako odabrati

There are more than 20 million web designers in the world. How to choose the best one for you?

Check these 9 tips that will help you choose the best person for website design on WordPress.

Kako izabrati web sajt dizajnera

9 tips to choose the best web agency for website design on WordPress


Check whether you will work with a registered agency or with a freelancer. With a company, you can sign a contract and protect your payments.

If you decide to hire a freelancer, we recommend doing it via UpWork or Fiverr. They will protect you against fraud.


Keep asking questions until you get all the answers you need. If a person you are communicating with doesn’t give you understandable answers, keeps talking about payments, doesn’t listen, uses technical terms, etc… find another agency or a freelancer.

It is very important to have mutual trust and easy communication.


Check the website design on WordPress of the agency or a freelancer you want to hire.

Their website’s speed you can check on  GTmetrix.

Whether all their links work (which is very important), you can check on a Free Broken Link Checker website.

Responsiveness for mobiles can be checked here: Mobile-Friendly Test.


In your first query, explain your goal, which market branch you are working in, maybe send 1-3 links to websites you like.

Measure the time it takes them to respond. When they respond, check if they have

  • invested some time to find out more about you,
  • analyzed your competitors, and
  • made a design proposition.

That will show you how important you are to your future partner.


Ask the designer about payments. If you have to pay in advance, which often is the case, ask about a guarantee for your money. What happens if you are not satisfied when the job is finished.


Whether you want a redesign of your old website, or this is your first time hiring someone for the website design on WordPress, you can’t know digital marketing trends, written and intuitive rules, the difference between a good and successful website and a bad one.

A great web designer should point you in the right direction, give you recommendations, show you similar projects.

If a designer keeps talking in technical terms, without explaining and showing, keep looking for a better one.


Check whether the agency or a freelancer has experience in digital marketing, sales, and customers’ behavior.

A successful website is much more than a design, colors, and font type. Your website must support your goals, attract visitors, keep them interested, entice them to work with you, buy from you, learn, hire, visit you.

To achieve that, you need a designer who knows or has a team member with expertise in marketing and sales.

If you are a small business, we recommend hiring a small business design agency or a freelancer. They will understand you better (and they are cheaper).


Trust your instinct. Evaluate both a person and his work. Choosing a designer is the same as choosing an accountant or a doctor.

It would help if you had someone who will treat you as the person, not as the money bag,  an expert who speaks plain English, who truly cares for your problems and desires.


Lastly, ask if you will have more than just a website. Whether you will:

  • have some training to be able to add content,
  • get advice on how to choose photos, write texts,
  • gain access to monitor website’s traffic,
  • get links and manuals towards valuable lessons, courses, tips.

If we can assist you in your quest for the best website design on WordPress, please contact us, we will help.

Why are we your perfect choice for the website design on WordPress?

We have the same goal: to win on the market you are doing your business in and expand to new markets.

Dobra agencija za web dizajn kako izabrati

We will arm you, fight for you and with you!

  • We are a registered company Promise.
  • Website Design Promise is a child firm. All our members work both in Promise and in Website Design. Since 2005. we are gaining knowledge in sales, marketing, online sales, export, B2B processes, customers’ behavior, SEO, etc.
  • We will answer all questions you email us.
  • You don’t have to pay us in advance.
  • We can sign a contract that will protect your invested time, photos, content and money.
  • You can hire our CEO Natasa via UpWork and be fully protected through their platform.
  • Before we start, we’ll research your competitors, market trends, best practices, keywords, and best sellers in your niche.
  • We understand small businesses, the problems you are facing, and the challenges in front of you.
  • We’ll deliver a modern, user-friendly website design on WordPress that will help you achieve your goals.

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