SEO website designing for small business


SEO website designing for small business

SEO website designing, digital marketing, and consulting.

We design and build high-value, custom SEO WordPress websites that rank high and work for your goals.

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Povoljna izrada web sajtova

Your Website on the First Google Page in a year

SEO izrada web sajtova za rangiranje na googlu

We will help you implement our organic website growth strategy. It has been proven over the years with dozens of clients.

SEO optimization of your website for search engines.

eCommerce products that rank high on Google.

Free Expert Advice for the Growth of Your Business

Konsalting za rast profita i biznisa i uštede u poslovanju

Our 15+ years of experience will :


GDuke eCommerce website Dublin Ireland JPEG file

“Working with Natasa again was fruitful. She really knows SEO for eCommerce and significantly improved my website ranking, increasing traffic and sales of products on my webshop. I highly recommend her.”


Fiverr, Polyscience1, SEO and redesign for eCommerce website

Roamer web marketplace for camp van builders

“I’ve had the best experience working with Natasha. She is very thorough and communicates every step of the way, going above and beyond and providing options. She is skilled at development and marketing (seo ‘ strategy /branding / etc). I had to close the contract for personal reasons but will be back as soon as I can kick off the project again”


Upwork, WordPress Elementor Page Build

Simplify business processes - consulting company

“Associate for every recommendation. Very capable, creative and professional. Easy to communicate, very experienced.”


Upwork, Website redesign for the insurance agent

Web marketplace built with WCML plugin

“Natasha is an excellent freelancer and I would highly recommend her. She is a trustworthy and hard worker. She is also professional and very capable. She has good ideas and is responsive to any requested tasks. Future employers should feel comfortable knowing that Natasha is adaptive and thus it is not difficult to find a mutually agreeable method for the working relationship. I plan to continue working with Natasha in the near future.”


Upwork, Improving/Changing WordPress marketplace website

PoolUrchin affiliate marketing website JPEG file

“natasamezej did a great job. The homepage design she provided looks much better now. SEO analysis she did is extremely helpful. She found competitors in the niche and provided instructions to rank above them. Fantastic job she did.”


Fiverr, Tougher, Affiliate marketing website redesign and SEO

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How do we deliver such great value?

High value website designing for small businesses

Our goals are the same: to grow and profit by using the power of the internet and cooperation.


After we hear and understand your wishes and goals, we’ll research your market niche, competitors, and customer behavior.


When our proven expertise and vast experience are added, the final result will be a unique, beautiful, and highly-ranked website that will fruitfully serve you for years to come.


We suggest you start with our 3 page website packages, starting at $60.

SEO Website designing for small businesses for high Google ranking

Prices of websites and SEO - the best offer for high ranking sites

Dozens of companies have increased their profit with our services.

We know that a beautiful website will not be enough for you.


You need customers and sales. Your website will fulfill that goal.


Yes, it’ll be beautiful, but more importantly, it will work for your business.

Invest now and enjoy the results for a long time!


Judge us through our work.

Why hire us?

Content writing and website designing for small businesses and high ranking

Besides design, we have practical knowledge and experience gained and proven in sales, eCommerce, internet marketing, and customer behavior during our two decades. We’ll share our expertise selflessly with you.


We can make the difference between failure and success.


With us, the chances of your success are much higher than with “regular” web designers because we know how sales work in the real world.

Let’s cooperate, grow and increase profit!

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