We build successful webshops that increase profit.

The lowest prices until the end of the month:

For only $ 12.5 / hour, we’ll deliver a modern, responsive, user-friendly, and SEO web design for eCommerce.

Web design for eCommerce


Izrada internet prodavnice najpovoljnije i brzo 1

From the first contact till the end of the project in just 7-10 days.

We build webshops that are affordable, user-friendly, easy to navigate and have a simple checkout process.


Izrada internet prodavnice najpovoljnije i brzo

We’ll show you how to start selling and making a profit quickly.

We know how to do it with15+ years of experience in online sales through our webshops.


Izrada internet prodavnice najpovoljnije i brzo 2

It is not easy to reach the first Google page.

Our methods work, as proven through numerous webshops we designed.

What will you get

1) Web design for eCommerce

2) All pages you want

3) Contact forms

4) Responsive design

5) Your competitors’ analysis and the keywords list

6) Advice for SEO and website maintenance for the first six months

7) One fully optimized product

8) 5000 words of content for just a $0,02 per word

9) Connections with social networks

10) Online or video training for content adding and products SEO

11) Marketing and sales advice

12) Connection with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

13) Protection from spammers and hackers

14) Automatic backup

15) All our courses for half the regular price.

How we work

Web design for eCommerce

We will:

  1. Analyze your competitors, best practices, and keywords
  2. Create all pages you want
  3. Build eCommerce store
  4. Add search filters and contact forms
  5. Show you how to write content and choose photos for SEO and top Google rank
  6. Give you advice about prices, shipment, and payment options
  7. Consult you along the way.

Based on statistics, 80% of all webshops fail.

Uspesna online prodaja

There are three reasons for that:

  1. Unresponsive design
  2. Products with a poor description
  3. Complicated navigation and checkout

Our webshops are among 20% successful ones!!

Web design for eCommerce - all expenses you'll have

The cheapest web design for ecommerce

The good news is that you need 2-3 times less money compared to the expenses one has when launching the physical shop.

To purchase hosting and domain, you’ll need up to $200.

We recommend A2 hosting. Their Start Up Package is $80 for three year period.


If you need help choosing a domain name, please, contact us. We can provide a list of cheap domain names for you.


Based on your budget, the final fee for our work will be between $70-$700. If you prepare all content (photos, texts, and product descriptions), the price will be lower. We can provide an instructional DIY video to help you. Or we can have a Zoom meeting and show you how to do it.


If you decide to leave the job of writing content and product descriptions to us, the price will be several hundred dollars, depending on how many products you have.


Izrada internet prodavnice za rast biznisa
  • Optimize all products for SEO.
  • Carefully choose photos. They should be squared, with high contrast, not larger than 300 KB. If you take pictures with your mobile, you should resize them. Use one-color background. Preferably white. Watch this YouTube 8 minutes video “Mobile Photography Tips and Tricks” for more advice.
  • Be strict and objective about your strengths and weaknesses. Delegate activities in which you do not strive. Put the price on your time. Accounting, website maintenance and content updates, communication with customers, etc., are activities you should leave for professionals.
  • Follow your competitors regularly (at least once a month).
  • Subscribe to economic news and educational websites.
  • Listen carefully to whatever your customers have to say. Be thankful for suggestions and complaints. Without them, you can not grow and improve.