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If you want to avoid filling out the form, you can immediately order a basic 3-page affordable WordPress website design and development for $60-$190. You can upgrade it later (by yourself or with our help) as and when you want.

Affordable WordPress web design - factors that affect the price

The price and deadline (the offer) for creating a website depend on several factors:

  1. Experiences and previous work of the person or agency

  2. Your plan, structure, and goals you want to achieve with the site

  3. The number of pages you want your site to have

  4. Specific features that should be added to the site

  5. Additional services

  6. The quantity and quality of materials you have

  7. The freedom you will give us while designing and developing your WordPress site
Which factors affect the price of a new website
  • Number of web pages
  • Website functions
  • Additional services
  • Content
  • Deadline
  • Creative freedom

WordPress websites advantages

The quote you’ll get from us covers designing and developing a WordPress website. If you want to know more about WordPress, please, keep reading.

If not, jump to the form and ask for a quote for the affordable WordPress website design.

Ponuda za izradu WordPress sajta

What is WordPress? (simply explained)

WordPress is a free content management platform (Content Management System-CMS) for creating websites. It is used by both programmers and people who do not have programming knowledge.

In 2022, over 42% of all websites worldwide were on WordPress. The trend is still growing at around 12% per year.

Six reasons why WordPress is the best for building websites

  1. Easy to create a site for both programmers and non-programmers
  2. There are thousands of free themes (up to half of pre-made sites)
  3. There are thousands of plugins for various website functions (eCommerce-online stores, blogs, podcasts, payments, memberships, connecting to social networks, SEO, sending emails, etc.)
  4. It’s great for SEO and ranking on Google
  5. Extremely secure from hacker breaches

WordPress statistics

WordPress powers over 36% of the most popular websites in the world.

The two most popular plugins worldwide are for WordPress sites and are:

  • WooCommerce (for online stores)
  • Elementor (for creating a site without programming knowledge).

There are over 31,000 WordPress themes (9000 are free). A theme is the basic layout of a site.



Which WordPress theme is the best?

In our opinion, the best WordPress theme is Astra (Astra Theme). Here are the reasons for it:

  • Astra is among the three most popular themes.
  • It is extremely fast, which is very important for the satisfaction of site visitors and Google ranking.
  • The free option is enough for a modern, beautiful website adapted to all screens.
  • It is great for eCommerce sites.
  • All plugins work on Astra.


WordPress is very safe and almost unhackable

With a strong password and regular website maintenance, WordPress is one of the most secure platforms, tough to hack.

Only 4% of hacker breaches of WordPress sites were made through the platform’s core. Other breaches were made through themes (6%) and unmaintained websites (90%).

Affordable WordPress website design PRICES

Prices for WordPress websites range from less than a hundred dollars to thousands of US dollars.  Unfortunately, high prices do not always mean a successful and beautiful website.


Our prices for designing and developing WordPress websites :

Affordable WordPress website design - What does the price of a website depend on

According to our clients’ testimonials (for whom we did SEO optimization and Google position improvement), the two most important factors that influence the websites are:

  1. Content (texts and media) quality, originality, usefulness, and quantity
  2. Website’s structure and speed

IMPORTANT: when choosing a team that will create a new or redesign your old website, price should not be your deciding factor. We know that the price is significant, but we advise considering other factors such as:

  • previous works
  • additional services available to you
  • way of communication
  • speed of production
  • guarantee
  • the number of revisions included in the offer for site development.

Check our previous work and discover more about us.

WordPress website design and development

There is a difference between website design and development. Our offer includes both.


If we make an analogy with the construction of a house, the design would be the architectural part – making plans for the exterior and interior. Building a site would be like building a house, right down to handing over the keys.

Ponuda za izradu WordPress sajta - od dizajna do izrade i predaje ključeva
WordPress website design

Website design is how the website looks. Website design affects emotions visitors will have when browsing the site. Designing a website does not mean that the site will be visible on the Internet.


Website design includes:

  • Choice of colors and fonts
  • Basic type layout of pages and posts
  • Planning the main menu and layout
  • Navigation mode
  • The structure of pages and sections
  • CAT button layout
  • Design of footer, side pages, and emails from the site
  • Login and forms design and simplicity
  • Photo type, text positioning, and photo sizes on the site
  • Additional functions and how they are displayed.

The website design can be done in advance, independently of the website development.

The design is often done in the programs Figma, Canva, Adobe Xd, etc. It can also be delivered to clients through photographs (JPEG).

WordPress website development

Website development is the process of placing a website on the Internet. It can be done simultaneously with designing, or it can be done later based on the previously done design. The client decides which way they prefer. It depends on how much creative “freedom” you will give us.


  • About 30% of clients who do not want to spend time on design or do not have an “eye for the artistic aspect” give us the primary colors, logo, and general directions and leave the design to us.
  • More than 50% of clients give us their logo, desired colors, and sometimes fonts, send us a few links to sites they like, and we create a site based on that.
  • About 10% of clients buy a theme in advance (which we do not recommend doing), and we create a website within the theme.
  • The smallest percentage (up to 5%) follow every design detail, sketching most of the pages, menu, footer, and other contents.

In our experience, this option is the worst in the long run unless the client has professional experience in web design.

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