WordPress website design packages

WordPress website design packages

✓  Custom design on WordPress

✓  100% satisfaction rate

✓  Extra fast delivery

✓  High conversions

✓  Fixed prices

✓  Top rank

✓  SEO

Affordable, highly successful, and top-rated WordPress website design packages starting at $200

Affordable website design packages - Prices $200-$340

Plus a discount for the Standard and Premium gig

$ 200
The most affordable small business care plan and The most affordable eCommerce website package

5 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 5 days

Number of revisions: 1

Content upload

Responsive design

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

$ 260

Standard WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 260 usd

-7% discount

7 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 7 days

Number of revisions: 2

Content upload

Responsive design

15 custom asset designs

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

$ 340

Premium WordPress website design package affordable with a discount 340 usd

-15% discount

10 custom-made web pages

Delivery time: 10 days

Number of revisions: 3

Content upload

Responsive design

15 custom asset designs

SEO advice

DIY video or 30-minute consultation

Additional WordPress web design package services

What else can you get with web design packages?

Besides listed Website design services, you can choose one or more extras. 


Additional services and prices:

  • Additional revision: +$50 (and 2 days extra)
  • Extra-fast delivery: +$50
  • Additional asset design: +$5
  • Google Business Profile (ex Google my Business): +$50
  • Yelp profile: +$50
  • Trust Pilot profile for reviews: +$50
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console installation: +$50

Benefits of our WordPress website design packages


eCommerce website packages for unique online stores

Let your imagination thrive. Adjust desired design to fit your customers’ expectations perfectly. Together, we’ll build an exceptional digital ID for your professional goals.


eCommerce website packages affordable prices

Starting at $200, with the Premium WordPress website design package at $340, this will be one of the best investments ever. Our WordPress website design packages are among the most affordable.


eCommerce website packages for the best investment

You’ll make one of the best investments by purchasing one of our WordPress website design packages. After several months the ROI will skyrocket.


eCommerce website packages with high conversion rate

It is not enough to position a website at the top and bring traffic to it. We’ll design and build your site to convert visitors to loyal customers.


eCommerce website packages for top ranked web shops

We’ll find optimal keywords and help you reach the first page in SERP. With our on-page SEO, in less than nine months, you can be on the first page of Google.

WordPress web design packages include...

There are three packages, each including a specific number of web pages. Each WordPress web design package includes the following:

  1. Custom-made design
  2. Competitors analysis
  3. Keywords analysis
  4. Advice for top ranking (video or online consultation up to 30 minutes)
  5. Content upload
  6. Plugin installation (for functionalities of your choosing)
  7. Training to add content by yourself
  8. Custom asset design (image improvements and processing in Photoshop)

The best WordPress web design package for you

How to choose the best web design package for your goals?

The best WordPress website design packages

How to choose the optimal package for your business or portfolio?

We recommend you base your decision on two factors:


  1. The amount of content you plan to present to website visitors
  2. The position you would like to achieve in search results

The more content you have (or plan to acquire) and the higher rank you desire, the more extensive website you need.

Small business website packages

Service-based small businesses

We recommend the Premium WordPress design package for small businesses, especially if you have multiple services.

Based on more than 100 sites analyzed, we know that each small business service should be described on a separate web page. For SEO, it is highly beneficial if each service has a link in the Main navigation menu.

One-person small businesses

For startups and one-person businesses, Basic is the optimal package. As your small business grows, you’ll add content, pages, posts. and functionalities. Your new small business website (or portfolio) will have the following pages:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Contact
  • Galery
  • Products/services

Established small businesses (with a history)

If you have multiple products or services and have at least several years of experience in the field, your ideal choice would be the Standard package.


Besides five “must have” pages, you should present testimonials, reviews, awards, achievements, etc.

The growth of any small business largely depends on trust. Do not be modest; show your expertise and brilliant track record. For better ranking, use both texts and images.


Adding videos, an FAQ section, and an online chat will dramatically increase the success of your website.

Also, the more pages your website has, the more keywords will be targeted and ranked.

Tips for choosing the best WordPress design package

Tips to choose the best WordPress website design package

Here are some valuable tips to choose an ideal WordPress design package:

  • If uncertain now, the best option is to start small and add web pages and posts later. We recommend you start with a Basic website design package – price $200, 5 web pages.
  • Another smaller and cheaper option is A three-page website, starting at $60.
  • If you want to sell online, we offer three great, affordable eCommerce packages starting at $240.

Lastly, maybe you’ll find helpful our internal statistics:

Over 70% of our clients started with a 7-page website (Standard WordPress website package) and added content and functionalities later.

Guarantees for WordPress development packages delivery

Guarantees for WordPress development packages delivery

If this is the first or second website you supervise, you probably have these three most common doubts:

  1. What guarantees do you have that you will get what you paid for?
  2. How can you be sure that your money is invested safely?
  3. Can you be confident about the deadline?

So, let’s address these three concerns.

  1. Delivery: Testimonials and reviews from our clients are the best proof that our delivery will be flawless and fully in line with your expectations and wishes.
  2. Money safety: We don’t receive any money when you purchase one of our WordPress development packages. Only when we deliver the promised website and when you revise it and approve it will Fiverr (check their Safety policy) transfer the money to our account. The second (or better to say: from our perspective, the first) layer of guarantees is the power of your review. Freelancers are hired based on reviews. Your 5-star testimonial is more important than the money we’ll earn. Finally, we offer a refund.
  3. Deadline: We’ve never exceeded the deadline. As said, your review and satisfaction are of the utmost importance to us.

Still not convinced?

Please, drop us a message or schedule an online meeting to discuss our WordPress development packages and any concerns you have.

The success of the WordPress websites we create

What is a successful website? In our opinion, it is a website that doesn’t cost you too much (money, energy, and time) and works for you. Depending on your goals, success is measured by:

  • number of sales (for eCommerce websites)
  • organic visits
  • conversions
  • impact and influence on visitors.
To have a successful website you must satisfy both robots and people

All our WordPress website design and development packages include a DIY video or 30-minute consultation.

The goal is to show you not just how to upload or change content, but how to add content that will help you achieve your goal.



What are the most important ranking factors?

  • Since 2022, Google has put content (originality, value, and structure) as the most crucial ranking factor.
  • The second factor is SEO – how content is presented to search engine robots.
  • Then, speed, navigation, and depth come.

Design is not as important as many clients think. At least, it is not crucial for bringing the traffic. The design is somewhat responsible for conversions.


Based on our experience, you’ll probably have some ideas about how your website should look. We’ll incorporate your wishes into each web design package. Adding our knowledge of SEO, development structure, and smooth functionalities integration, we aim to build a successful website (from your point of view).

Web design packages examples

To better understand the term web design package, please check reviews of our previous clients. There, you’ll find screenshots and links to custom-built websites after they chose one of our web design packages.

If those examples are not enough, please get in touch with us. We will provide ideas for your new website and prices for each package.

What is the process after purchasing one of our WordPress design packages?

After you purchase one of our WordPress design packages, there are 8 global phases with 14 steps in total,  (steps 1 and 6 are “yours”, the rest is our work):

1) You provide:

  • access to WordPress or cPanel;
  • logo, fonts, colors, wireframes, sketches, or links to websites you like
  • texts and media for upload

2) Content improvement and SEO advice

3) Design and development

4) Plugins installation

5) Delivery

6) Revision

7) Final adjustments

8) Payment

You’ll decide how involved you want to be. Most clients prefer to give us directions and return to their daily routines. Some want to be involved in the design and development steps. We’ll adjust our work to your wishes.

Our goal is to deliver a website that you’ll consider successful.

Website development packages FAQs

FAQ page will bring traffic to a website

A custom-made WordPress design is a unique look for the new website based on your wishes and goals.


We usually build websites on the free WordPress theme Astra, which allows us (you and us) to let our imaginations fly.

To better understand possibilities and unlimited options, please check our previous work.

Clients usually have one or several websites they like, or they make sketches and wireframes.

You can send us links and all ideas (written or/and drawn), and we’ll create your website tailor-made for you based on your wishes.

Our price for WordPress design and development packages goes from $60 up to $340.

Each website design package includes designing and developing web pages. Based on the package you choose, the number of pages goes from 3-10.

Each package includes:

  • Homepage
  • About
  • Contact

Additional pages depend on your preferences and goals.

No, we do not recommend you spend any money purchasing professional themes. There are two reasons for that:

  • Any design can be achieved with free themes. We use Astra, the theme installed on one million websites. Astra allows us to build completely unique websites.
  • Purchased themes are “heavy” – they significantly affect speed, thus lowering your SEO ranking score. Also, they have limitations for design and plugins that can be installed, thus limiting the functionality of your website.

If you find a theme you like, send us a link, and we’ll design your website based on it, but without using the theme.

Yes, you can. We can help you choose a domain name and hosting package. If you need, we’ll guide you through purchasing and activating your website.


After we complete the project, the domain and hosting remain in your possession.

Yes, each package includes SEO advice. While developing the website, we’ll implement SEO best practices. We provide videos or consultations to teach you how to write content for the web.

Yes, you will. We build websites with the Elementor tool. It provides drag-and-drop options for adding content that is intuitive and doesn’t require programming skills. We’ll teach you how to change content without messing up the website.

  • Each WordPress web design package includes the following:
    Main pages (Homepage, About, and Contact)
  • Additional pages based on the package
  • Main navigation Menu (sticky on all screens for excellent user experience)
  • Footer designed based on your wishes.

Yes, each package includes plugins installation and setup that will allow different functions.

To start designing your new WordPress website, we’ll need access to your hosting dashboard or cPanel.
If you have one, you can provide a logo, favorite colors, and fonts.
If not, we’ll explore best practices in your niche.

We’ll need some information about your goals and desires for the development phase.

If you have a design wireframe or sketches, please provide them to help us better understand your taste.

Each web design package has 1-3 revisions included.

  • Basic has 1 revision
  • Standard has two revisions
  • Premium has three revisions

When the website is delivered, you have 48 hours to check if there is anything you dislike and want to be improved.


You can send your demand via Fiverr Messages, you can record a video and send it via email, or we can schedule an online meeting to discuss changes.

Depending on your time and management style, you may check our progress daily, or wait for the delivery.


Based on our experience, the best results are achieved if the client lets us work and waits for our questions and further instructions.

If you used all revisions covered by a package, you can reach out to us with your requirements. We’ll make a new custom offer.


If changes are minor, or you need further guidance to make them yourself, we’ll be happy to consult and help.


If you “break” the website or change something you didn’t plan, don’t hesitate to contact us via Fiverr messages or email, and we’ll help.

When we deliver the website, we ask clients whether they want to have the Admin or Editor (limited) access to a website.

  • Administrators can change everything, thus increasing the chances of messing up.
  • Editors can change texts, images, and web page sections, without touching the code.

Before we deliver the website, we’ll install the free Backup plugin that periodically makes backup copies. We’ll show you how to reset the website to a previous version.

If we skipped something and you need more information, please get in touch with us.


If you are uncertain that our packages cover your wishes and goals, please request a quote.

On the link, you’ll find a form with several questions – no typing needed, just check boxes and yes/no answers.

Only four fields are mandatory, the rest is up to you – the more information we have, the more precise the website design package price we’ll provide.


Check our WordPress website design packages and start building your brand.