We build websites that really work for your business.

Your new website will be on the first Google page.

Most affordable prices you can find.

$12.5 / hours

Izrada web sajta cena 90-390 €

We’ll build an informative website or design an eCommerce website that is:

SEO for the first Google page – reach quickly and stay there

We do not promise the first position on search engines. But we guarantee that your website will be on the first page.

Highly beneficial for your business and your goals

Our websites are beautiful and modern, but, more importantly, they do work for you. Your new website will attract new customers, sell products, and engage the audience.

Modern, fast, easy to navigate, user-friendly, optimized

Each new website visitor spends 1-3 seconds judging the Homepage. Then, he leaves or stays. We design each page so that visitors will stay, scroll, and engage.

Responsive on all screens, beautiful on mobiles

More than 60% of people browse the internet on their mobile phones. Our design is as beautiful and enticing on mobile screens as on laptops and tablets.

How do we design an ecommerce website

Izrada web sajta cena 90-390- design an ecommerce website


The more information you give us, the better website we’ll build. Via email, Zoom meeting, or messaging, you should provide your logo, texts, photos, social media pages, and websites you like.

How do we design an ecommerce website


If you have the wireframe or a sketch, we’ll work according to it. Or you can give us the freedom to make pages and then change things.

How do we design an ecommerce website


The safest way for you is to hire our CEO Natasa via UpWork. If not, we can sign a contract to protect your money and guarantee that we follow the timeframe we discussed.

How do we design an ecommerce website


If you don’t have a domain name, we can research affordable names and give you instructions on purchasing a domain. If you need hosting, we recommend:

A2 Hosting, their Startup, three-years plan (it costs $80 total).

How do we design an ecommerce website
We’ll thoroughly research your competitors and best practices in your niche and make a detailed keywords list for SEO.
How do we design an ecommerce website


As we progress with pages, we send you links, so you can see and tell us your impressions and the changes you want.

How do we design an ecommerce website


If you want us to design an eCommerce website, we’ll upload one of your products and do complete SEO for it. We’ll give you our instructional video so you can upload products yourself.

How do we design an ecommerce website


You’ll get a video, or we’ll show you how you can add content, news, blog posts, and photos via Zoom.

How do we design an ecommerce website


If you want, we’ll advise you on marketing, sale, content writing, and small business challenges you will face.

How do we design an ecommerce website


Even after the project is completed, we’ll always be there for you to exchange thoughts, advice, support, and share your pain and success.

… and see how we design an eCommerce website

7 Reasons Why You Need a Website
- let's design an ecommerce website

Zasto je vazno imati web sajt
  1. More than 4 billion people use the internet – that is a huge potential market for you (Internet World Stats);
  2. In 2022. there are almost 2 billion websites, and you must be among them  (Internet Live Stats);
  3. Google has 40.000 searches in a second, which is 1.200 billion per year – if you are not on the internet, you don’t exist, based on the 21st-century rules;
  4. 3.2 billion people belong to at least one social network – let them reach you easily;
  5. More than 50% of buyers research the internet before they head for shopping or search for services – you want them to find you and consider buying your product or service. We’ll be happy to design an eCommerce website for you.
  6. More than 90% of business deals start by researching potential partners;
  7. 86% of businesspeople say that they don’t want to work with a partner who doesn’t have a website.

10 Facts You Should Know
if you choose us to design an ecommerce website

Izrada WordPress web sajta cena 90 do 390 evra prilagodljivog za sve ekrane
  • The website must be responsive. Based on the study from 2021. 61% of all internet users visited websites on their mobiles;
  • Speed is one of the most critical factors for SEO and website visitors. 40% of people will leave the website if it downloads slower than 3 seconds;
  • Content and design are the most important when a visitor desires whether to stay on the website or leave it. The decision is made in 2 seconds. That is how long you have to convince them that they are in the right place (27 Eye-Opening Website Statistics: Is Your Website Costing You Clients?);
  • 57% of internet users will not recommend a company with a poorly designed website;
  • 88% of online consumers will not return to a website after a bad experience;
  • 94% of internet users form their opinion about a business based on a website (Website Statistics for 2020: 10 Critical Stats to Know for Web Design);
  • The loss of the potential profit caused by slow speed, unresponsive design, or lousy content was estimated to be 2,6 billion dollars in 2019.

Conclusion: Having a slow, unresponsive website with poorly written content can severely harm your business.


*We want you to increase profit, expand to new markets, and double or triple the number of customers, members, and clients.*


As you flourish, we grow with you.

Stranica izrada web sajta cena

We design an eCommerce website for small business and consult along the way

Consultant for small businesses

Kako započeti biznis u Srbiji

We can be your small business consultants while we design a webshop or build an informative website for you.


Having 15+ years of experience in sales (online, wholesale, retail), marketing, design, customers’ behavior, manufacturing, and coaching, we can:

  1. Analyze your strength and weaknesses;
  2. Strategize with you on how to launch new products or services, promote your business, boost your website’s rankings;
  3. Teach you how you can use free digital marketing tools and help you choose the best one for you;
  4. Design your logo;
  5. Show you how to write new content, blog posts, social media posts, or how to hire someone to do that for you;
  6. Advise you on your future plans and business development strategy;
  7. If you sell physical products through retail or plan to do so, we can design an eCommerce website for you so you will be able to test the market before you purchase large quantities of a product you don’t know how it will sell.

All in all, we are not just web designers. We offer full support for the growth of your business.

$12.5 / per hour